Motor Models for NuTone Central Vacuum:

115334 Lamb Ametek Motor
Part # M-5334
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In Stock
116119 Lamb Ametek Motor
Part # M-6119
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In Stock
116210-85 Lamb Ametek Motor
Part # M-6210
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117123 Lamb Ametek Motor
Part # M-7123
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117465 Lamb Ametek Motor
Part # M-7465
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In Stock
117507 Lamb Ametek Motor
Part # M-7507
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119412 Lamb Ametek Motor
Part # M-9412
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In Stock

Vacuum Motors / Blower Motors for NuTone

We take pride in our large line of industry standard motors for NuTone Central Vacuum. With hundreds of motors in stock, you can rest assured that the right one will arrive at your doorstep. The cross reference chart below will help you decide which motor is correct of your NuTone unit. If you need any assistance, feel free to call us toll-free at 1-800-971-7172

NuTone Model Number NuTone Motor Replacement Number
CV-350, 350 117465 or 115334
CV-353 117507 or 116119
CV-400 (2 Motors) 119412
CV-450, CV-750 116210-85 and 119412
CV-550 117465
CV-553, CV-653 117507
CV-850 (2 Motors) 117123

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