While you may not enjoy the task of vacuuming your home, it's something we all have to do. Whether it's once a week, or a few times a week, regular vacuuming of your home ensures that it's a clean and safe space to spend your time. On top of that, if you have children, cleanliness is an even more pressing issue. Luckily, there is a new approach to cleaning in the form of central vacuum systems. However, there is a lot of debate about whether central vacuums are more effective or if upright vacuums do a better job at cleaning. Let's take a look at which is better, and why.


While a good quality upright vacuum that comes with a HEPA filter is effective at cleaning, most central vacuum systems are simply more powerful. That means they do a better job at picking up dust and allergens that are not visible to the human eye. So for people who suffer from outdoor allergies (dust, pollen, etc) or indoor allergies (cat dander), central vacuum systems are a surefire way of removing those allergens from the premise. This lets you follow a healthier lifestyle. Since the motor is stationery, this allows it to be larger or house two motors.

Ease of Use

Upright vacuums usually weigh a fair amount, so if you have back pain or other ailments that prevent you from carrying heavy items, this type of vacuum can be harmful. Central vacuum systems are lightweight and easy to carry because the main component (motor) is stationery and is usually fixed in the basement or garage. So all you carry is the lightweight hose. This certainly makes vacuuming much more enjoyable!


This is where the upright vacuum has the upper hand, but only for a short while. While traditional vacuums can be plugged in and used right after purchase, central vacuums require an inlet and connecting pipe for every 700 sq ft. However, central vacuum systems are common now, so you can easily find an installation expert and have them install one for you in no time. You may have heard the saying, "slow and steady wins the race". This saying applies to central vacuums because once installed, these systems do a great job cleaning your home.


You may think that since upright vacuums initially cost less, they're easier on the pocket. However, think again. These vacuums aren't as sturdy and lasting as they used to be. Market pressures and manufacturing standards have changed the way these vacuums are built, so chances are you'll have to buy another one in a year or two. With a central vacuum system, you may invest more upfront, but it's a wiser investment because these systems are built to last a lifetime. All you may need are different central vacuum parts in case they wear down over time. You can easily purchase these parts from our online store, where you'll find motors, hoses, wands, and many more accessories.

So if you've been contemplating about which is better, these reasons are more than enough to help you make the right decision. Central vacuums are more robust, easier to use, better for the environment, and cost you less in the long run.