The introduction of the central vacuum has made cleaning a whole lot easier in households. No longer do homeowners have to lug a heavy vacuum throughout their house and worry about not being able to reach certain places. A central vacuum isn't only convenient because you don't have to carry more than the hose and wand, but it also comes with a large variety of central vacuum accessories that can customize your cleaning experience. So that those endless blind slats or under the refrigerator isn't unchartered territory anymore, because you can use attachments with your central vacuum to clean those places up with ease.

However, people may have certain issues during decades of usage. Here, we take a look at the top 3 potential problems that occur with central vacuums, and how you can fix them.

Unit not Turning On

Does the suction not turn on when you are ready to use it? This can be caused by several issues. First, your motor may have gone bad. While this is not a common occurrence, several years or decades of use can wear any motor down. The good thing is, you can buy motors and other durable parts from our online store at highly affordable prices. So you can simply visit the website and place an order according to your machine's model. Another reason the vacuum is not turning on may be that the circuit breaker may have tripped. Check the breaker on the unit and if it continues to fail it usually means the motor is going bad. Another reason can be the bad signal from the unit to the wall inlet. Call us and we will walk you through an easy test or click here for troubleshooting.

Unit Always Stays On

While this is not a regular occurrence, your unit may stay on even when you're not using it. This usually indicates a problem with the circuit board. You may find it difficult to get your hands on the right circuit board for your central vacuum, but we make things easier because Central Vacuum Online carries generic boards for hundreds of brands. So you simply need to tell us your system's model and we'll ship a high-quality, durable, and compatible board.

Can't Reach Some Places in the House

If the system was properly designed, all areas of the house should be reachable with a 30 or 35 ft hose. If your hose isn't long enough to extend to some places in the house, you can purchase our 12'' hose extension. Or, you can simple place a new wall inlet in another room if it doesn't already have one. This will extend the vacuum's range and allow you to reach more places in the house. Also, don't forget the importance of vacuuming outdoors. You can purchase our new 50' hose that can vacuum areas such as the patio, entry ways, and more.

With the most common central vacuum problems discussed and solved in this article, you have nothing stopping you from enjoying your appliance to its fullest and using it to its maximum potential.