Deluxe Kit Deluxe Kit Villa Kit
Price $280 - $300 $370 - $390
Buy Buy Deluxe Kit Buy Villa Kit
Country Manufactured China Germany
CVO Rating Fair Best
Noise Level Loud Quiet
Cogged Belt Yes Yes
Edge Cleaning Decent Great
Brush Disconnect Foot-Release No Yes
Neck Swivel No 180-Degree
Furniture Clearance 4" 4"
Main Brush Measurements 13" x 8" 14" x 8"
Durability Good Best
Headlight Yes Yes - Super Bright LEDs
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
Main Wands 2 Piece Telescopic
Swivel Hard Floor Brush (Wheeled) Yes Yes
Air Relief Valve Yes Yes
Basic Dusting Brush Basic Deluxe
Crevice Tool Yes Yes
Snap-on Tool Caddy No Yes
Hose Hanger Wire Special PVC
Tool Storage Bag Mesh Caddy Mesh Caddy
Wand Wall Clamp No Yes

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