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Compatible Air Driven Kits for ACV Central Vacuum:
Central Vacuum Online has worked hard to find the best central vacuum attachment kits for your home. We provide different options in our kits because we know every home is different, there is no sense in buying something you don't need or won't use. Whether it's a central vacuum garage kit, or a complete attachment kit for cleaning every surface, we've got you covered.
Hide-A-Hose CX1000 Rechargeable Kit
Part # K-CX1000

$509.24 - $524.99
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TurboCat Zoom Attachment Kits
Part # K-ZOOM

$339.95 - $344.95
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TurboCat Attachment Kit
Part # K-TCAT

$319.95 - $324.95
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Garage Kit - Various Hose Sizes

$82.95 - $118.95
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Quick Care Kit - 30ft Hose
Part # K-QCK

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Why Choose an Air-Driven Kit?

A lot of older central vacuum systems rely on air alone, not making use of an electrical system. Air-Driven vacuum systems work great, the only problem being that some older carpet brushes were just not that great by design. Upgrading to a newer air-driven kit can help improve the suction and ability to groom carpet. Better suction and grooming can help greatly reduce allergens in the home - giving you a healthier lifestyle. Air-driven kits provide a cost-effective way to vacuum carpets in the medium length range. For even deeper grooming, we recommend upgrading to an electric kit.

Is It Compatible?

Absolutely! All of the air-driven kits we sell will work with 99% of central vacuum systems. The air-driven kits are "plug and play" and fit into the standard wall inlets (1-1/2" diameter). If you're worried that your wall inlets are not this size, please call when placing your order so we can include a hose reducer.

Air driven turbine
Pictured above is a turbine for an air-driven carpet brush. The vacuum suction spins the turbine which then spins the belt to the roller brush.