Large Open-Top Paper Bags, 4 Pack


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Large Open-Top Paper Bags - 4 Pack

Replacement paper bags for certain M&S, Filtex, and AirVac Central Vacuum Models, as well as others, SB200L, SB300L, S300L, S300LR, TS300, TS300L, TS300LR, TSP300, TSP300L, TSP300LR, TS300, TS300L, TS300LR, TSP300, TSP300A, TSP300L, TSP300LR, TC600L, TC600L, TS300, NTS300A, FX400, FX500A, FX500, TM285L, NTM285, NTC600, NTC600A, FX775, NTSP700, TSP700L, FX675, FX675A, FX725, FX900, FX2000, ZX5800, FX3000, ZX6000, FX4000, ZX7000, FX5000, ZX8000, FX5800, FX6000, FX7000, FX8000. Top outer edge is 13-1/2 inches wide.

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May 01, 2021

Quick, easy, and accurate ordering and delivery!

- Ohio

(5/5 Stars)

April 01, 2021

Just what I needed. The website provided enough info for me to decide on the proper bag size. Thanks!

- Maine

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Compatible With AirVac VM502?
Question: does this bag work with air vac vm 502 central vac?
CVO's Answer:
Yes, this bag will work with your AirVac VM502.
8-gallon Bag Available?
Question: I need an 8 gallon bag part#720-5 which bag do I order?
CVO's Answer:

We do have the 8 gallon bag pack ready to ship.

Capacity of Bag
Question: What is the gallon capacity of large open -top paper bag- part # P-FLTR2
CVO's Answer:

The gallon capacity is approximately 6 gallons.

Specifications of Large Open-Top Paper Bags
Question: What are the dimensions and capacity of P-FLTR2?
CVO's Answer:

The top of the bag has a 1.25 inch round cardboard lip and 13.5 inch total diameter. The capacity is approximately 6 gallons.

How Many Gallons?
Question: One answer states this will work for VM502, which is the bag for the ZX5800 (covered in the description). But you also state it in 2 answers it is a 6 gallon bag. The VM502 is an 11 gallon bag. Please clarify which answer is incorrect. Thanks.
CVO's Answer:

Although it is a 6 gallon bag, it is still compatible in the VM502 system. There is what the unit manufacturer and the bag manufacturer state. Yes, it gets confusing.

Question: How long is the big?
CVO's Answer:

Hello and thank you for contacting Central Vacuum Online, my name is Ally and I am happy to assist you today. 

Please see bag details below:

Replaces all Filtex bags about 18 inches tall and taller, and often referred to as the 7-gallon Filtex Bag, and Filtex Filter S-310. Top of bag has 1.25 inch round cardboard lip and 13.5 inch total outside diameter. (The variation over the years is due to changing bag manufacturers.) 
Also fits some units made by M&S
Quantity of 1 = 4 bags. REPLACES MS VM502.

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