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  • AirVac Model 110
  • AirVac Model 180
  • AirVac Model 180A
  • AirVac Model 210
  • AirVac Model 550A
  • AirVac Model AV195
  • AirVac Model AV395
  • AirVac Model AV400
  • AirVac Model AV400B
  • AirVac Model AV410
  • AirVac Model AV425
  • AirVac Model AV425A
  • AirVac Model AV480
  • AirVac Model AV525
  • AirVac Model AV525A
  • AirVac Model AV550
  • AirVac Model AV600
  • AirVac Model AV625
  • AirVac Model AV700
  • AirVac Model AV850
  • AirVac Model AV2500
  • AirVac Model AV3500
  • AirVac Model AV4500
  • AirVac Model AV5500
  • AirVac Model AVP3000
  • AirVac Model AVP7500
  • AirVac Model AVP12000
  • AirVac Model AVP24000
  • AirVac Model AVR3000
  • AirVac Model AVR7500
  • AirVac Model AVR12000
  • AirVac Model AVR24000
  • AirVac Model BV2000
  • AirVac Model FX3000
  • AirVac Model II VM212
  • AirVac Model VM180 A
  • AirVac Model VM 212 A
  • AirVac Model VM285
  • AirVac Model ZX5800
  • AirVac Model ZX6000
  • AirVac Model ZX8000
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A Change in Season Brings Allergies

1 out of every 5 people in the United States are affected by allergies or asthma. This is a very high number if you're talking about a nation of hundreds of millions of people. If you too are allergic to various outdoor irritants, then you most likely know about the importance of keeping your home clean. Logically, the less you're exposed to a specific irritant, the less of an allergic reaction you'll have. Vacuuming the floor can do wonders to reduce your allergic reaction to various irritants such as pollen and dust. Even better, central vacuum systems such as Airvac make vacuuming easier, and simply more fun.

Malfunctioning Equipment

However, what's not fun is when your Airvac motor stops working, or you have a broken Airvac hose. This problem can be solved easily by purchasing the wide variety of accessories and parts we carry for the Airvac central vacuum system. At Central Vacuum Online, we are proud to carry durable and reliable parts for the Airvac system.

Parts for Airvac Found Here

Some of the parts we have include wall inlets for Airvac, hoses for Airvac, motors for Airvac, and other accessories for Airvac. These parts keep your system running flawlessly without any interruption. Best of all, you can make sure that most of your outdoor allergies are kept at bay because regularly cleaning with a central vacuum removes allergens from your floor or carpet, and consequentially, your home. Always remember, a central vacuum system is only effective with reliable parts, and we can provide those to you. Contact us if you're having trouble finding the right part for your central vacuum system.

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Note: AirVac is a registered trademark of Linear, not Central Vacuum Online. Some products sold by Central Vacuum Online are not from AirVac but are designed to complement a AirVac central vacuum system. They therefore carry warranties from Central Vacuum Online and not AirVac and thus may alter the warranty provided by AirVac depending on the product sold.