Switch Assembly for Gas Pump Handle

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Switch Assembly for Gas Pump Handle

This part replaces the 3-way switch assembly in gas pump style handles.

Replaces the 3-way switch assembly in hoses made by Plastiflex. Almost all hoses on the market are made by Plastiflex including Wessel EBK340 & EBK360, Stealth, Ace, Beam, Nutone, Vacuflo, AirVac, M&S, to name a few. Compatible with Hoses that start with Series XY on hose cuff, and hoses with a circle and a P with a squiggle stamped on the hose cuff. Does not include the Gas Pump Handle.

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(5/5 Stars)

March 22, 2023

Exactly what I needed to get my vac hose working fully again, and such an easy fix!

- Missouri

(5/5 Stars)

March 09, 2023

After many years of use, the original switch died. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I did not need to buy the entire hose, but could simply replace the switch assembly, which include the connector block for powered attachments and sliding contacts.

Problem solved.

- New York

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Stealth Compatible?
Question: Does this part fit a Stealth Central Vacuum?
CVO's Answer:
Yes, this part fits the hose on the Stealth Vacuum System.
2-Prong Connection?
Question: Does this switch accept a 2 prong power cord connection?
CVO's Answer:
Yes, this assembly includes the two pin holes for the two brass prongs from a central vacuum nozzle power cord. The two round holes are 3/8" apart.
Gas Pump Style Handle
Question: will this fit a honeywell central vacuum direct electric gas pump style handle? and if it does not work, may i return it?
CVO's Answer:
Yes, this will fit the gas pump hose in your system and if not you can return it for a full refund. If the shape of your hose looks like our "electric hose" then you surely have the correct replacement part here.
Switch Assembly Compatibility
Question: Hi will this fit a white Plastiflex gas pump handle in a Hoover model from 2001?
CVO's Answer:

As long as the gas pump handle hose has the letter P branded in a circle on the wall end of the hose, this switch assembly will be compatible.

Question: DOes this part fit a Hayden SuperHose? Part # P-SAGH. The search result says its for Hayden. Thanks
CVO's Answer:
Question: i have a gas pump handle vacuum hose from thinkvacuums drainvac system 2013. I dont find markings on either end of the hose at all. what would you suggest? the switch is getting unreliable. will this switch fit?
CVO's Answer:

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