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  • AstroVac Model MK1
  • AstroVac Model MK-III
  • AstroVac Model MK-V
  • AstroVac Model MK-VI
  • AstroVac Model MK-VIII
  • AstroVac Model MK-X
  • AstroVac Model MK-XV
  • AstroVac Model MK-XVIII
  • AstroVac Model MK-XXIII
  • AstroVac Model MK-XXVIII
  • AstroVac Model MK-XXXII
  • AstroVac Model MK-XXIX
  • AstroVac Model P-120
  • AstroVac Model P-125
  • AstroVac Model P-225
  • AstroVac Model SR-22
  • AstroVac Model SR-34
  • AstroVac Model SR-36
  • AstroVac Model SR-38
  • AstroVac Model SR-40
  • AstroVac Model SR-41
  • AstroVac Model SR-42
  • AstroVac Model SR-43
  • AstroVac Model SR-50
  • AstroVac Model SR-60
  • AstroVac Model SR-61
  • AstroVac Model SR-72
  • AstroVac Model SR-73
  • AstroVac Model SR-82
  • AstroVac Model SR-83
  • AstroVac Model SR-86
  • AstroVac Model SR-88
  • AstroVac Model SR-89
  • Valet Model AT100
  • Valet Model AT120
  • Valet Model ATQ160
  • Valet Model ATQ180
  • Valet Model ATQ300
  • Valet Model ATQ1500
  • Valet Model ATQ4000
  • & more!
Cleanliness Is The First Step To A Healthy Life

A home’s true beauty reflects through its cleanliness. Regardless of how big or small your home may be, cleanliness is the most important factor that makes it a comfortable and hygienic place to spend time in. Since humans spend more than 90% of their time indoors, cleanliness is a highly important issue that cannot be overlooked. And what better way to stay healthy and keep your place clean than use the powerful Astrovac central vacuum system?

Battle Ailments

With more than 40 million Americans who suffer from indoor and outdoor allergies to harmful irritants such as pet dander, mold, dust, and pollen, it is vital to regularly clean carpets and other types of flooring. Known for its high suction capability and power, there is no job too big for the Astrovac vacuum system. Using the Astrovac system can help drastically reduce any danger caused by allergens and even insects because food particles make their way to the home floor on a daily basis.

Get Reliable Parts

This vacuum system keeps your home clean and makes it a healthy place to be. However, just like any machine, it may malfunction or need accessories to operate optimally. That’s why we carry failsafe and reliable parts for the Astrovac. Not only will you find a motor for Astrovac, hose for Astrovac, filter for Astrovac, wall inlets for Astrovac or any accessories for Astrovac in great variety, but you can get these products at an affordable price. Feel free to contact us via phone or email if you have any questions about our dependable parts for the Astrovac central vacuum system.

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