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  • CanaVac Model 211A
  • CanaVac Model 211B
  • CanaVac Model 211C
  • CanaVac Model 250A
  • CanaVac Model P250
  • CanaVac Model GenX2
  • CanaVac Model 311
  • CanaVac Model 399
  • CanaVac Model 399A
  • CanaVac Model 399B
  • CanaVac Model GenX3
  • CanaVac Model P399
  • CanaVac Model 511
  • CanaVac Model 611
  • CanaVac Model 111
  • CanaVac Model 125
  • CanaVac Model 111C
  • CanaVac Model 299
  • CanaVac Model 299A
  • CanaVac Model 500
  • CanaVac Model 250Q
  • CanaVac Model 399Q
  • CanaVac Model 399-XQ
  • CanaVac Model 911Q
Decades of Experience

Considered as one of the first companies to come up with a central vacuum system, Canavac is a leading name when it comes to innovating for the industry. The first vacuum manufactured by Canvac was in a basement by an MIT graduate. Since then, the company has refined its manufacturing techniques and enhanced the performance of its vacuums. There are more than 5 different types of Canavac central vacuum systems available, each designed for different sizes and types of homes or offices. Central vacuums have been clinically proven to reduce allergens in the air, which leads to better health and vitality. So this is a great choice for people who are allergic to dust, pollen, etc.

Parts for Canavac

While Canavac is built of solid materials and comes with sturdy parts, it can malfunction over an extended period of time like any appliance. Some common issues people may face with the central vacuum system is a cracked hose, broken down motor, or the need for an extended toolkit to provide a better cleaning experience. This is where Central Vacuum Online comes in.

We Carry Durable Parts

We carry parts for Canavac central vacuum including motors for Canavac, hoses for Canavac, toolkits for Canavac, and wall inlets for Canavac. Our parts are made for durability and can weather the most challenging conditions. So you can rest assured that you will most likely not need to buy the same part from us more than once within a short time period. If you have trouble finding any part for Canavac, feel free to call us and we will be more than glad to assist you in finding the right part for your central vacuum.

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