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Power and Beauty

Matching power with aesthetics, Centralux central vacuum systems provide the best of both worlds. These centralized units pack a punch in their cleaning ability and at the same time aren't bad to look at. While they come with a several-year warranty, time may have its effect on these systems and cause them to malfunction. With so many different parts coming together to make one system, it's difficult to know which part has gone bad, let alone know which one fits your machine.

Parts at Central Vacuum Online

This is why Central Vacuum Online makes it easy for anyone to select the right part for their central vacuum and be on their way to have a working system again. We carry hoses for Centralux, motors for Centralux, filters for Centralux, and other accessories for Centralux. The extensive range of accessories for this central vacuum system makes it a true joy to have. Regardless of whether you have to clean carpets, hardwood floors, or even tile, Central Vacuum Online has the right accessories for the right purpose.

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We go above and beyond to satisfy our customers, which is why we carry shutter blind vacuum tools, round dusting brushes, crevice vacuum tools, and even a mini vac attachment set to clean those hard-to-reach areas. But the list doesn't end here, because we also have ceiling fan brushes for Centralux, and an accessory bundle that consist of 4 pieces, each geared to provide a different yet effective cleaning experience. Check out our online store to see what parts fit your machine, and feel free to ask us questions if you have any confusion.

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Note: Electrolux is a registered trademark of A.B. Electrolux of Sweden, not Central Vacuum Online. Products sold by Central Vacuum Online are not from Electrolux but are designed to complement a Electrolux central vacuum system. They therefore carry warranties from Central Vacuum Online and not Electrolux and thus may alter the warranty provided by Electrolux.