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  • DuoVac Model 100
  • DuoVac Model 125
  • DuoVac Model 200
  • DuoVac Model 225
  • DuoVac Model 800
  • DuoVac Model 820
  • DuoVac Model 825
  • DuoVac Model 850
  • DuoVac Model 1300
  • DuoVac Model 1320
  • DuoVac Model 1325
  • DuoVac Model 1350
  • DuoVac Model 1404
  • DuoVac Model 1465
  • DuoVac Model 1528
  • DuoVac Model 1530
  • DuoVac Model 1600
  • DuoVac Model 1620
  • DuoVac Model 1625
  • DuoVac Model 1650
  • DuoVac Model 2414
  • DuoVac Model 2525
  • DuoVac Model 2562
  • DuoVac Model 2700
  • DuoVac Model 2720
  • DuoVac Model 2725
  • DuoVac Model 2750
  • DuoVac Model 3220
  • DuoVac Model 3230
  • DuoVac Model 3275
  • DuoVac Model 3500
  • DuoVac Model 3520
  • DuoVac Model 3525
  • DuoVac Model 4025
  • DuoVac Model 5025
About DuoVac

Founded in 1967, DuoVac is a Canadian company that manufactures home electronics. Since its inception, the manufacturer has come a long way and has developed an effective line of central vacuum systems. Known for its innovative design, the DuoVac central vacuum system provides users unmatched cleaning power and utmost convenience. On top of that, most DuoVac vacuum systems are relatively affordable, which makes them a hot choice among consumers who are looking to spend economically. With impressive performance, this vacuum provides value for money.

Effective Parts Make and Effective Vacuum

The effective performance DuoVac provides is due to the parts it is made up of. A strong motor ensures that all unwanted materials such as dust, pet fur, and dirt are sucked right up from the floor. The durable hose, accessories, and filter allow you to enjoy a good cleaning experience every time. However, in case you see a crack in the hose, or the vacuum''s motor stops functioning, it can be quite inconvenient to find the right parts, and that too from a reliable company.

Rely on Us for Durable Parts

At Central Vacuum Online, you won''t only find all the right parts for the DuoVac central vacuum system, but you can rest assured that you''re spending your money in the right place. Our parts are known for their durability and reliability. In addition, we have customer support available round the clock to help you find what you''re looking for, whether it is a motor for DuoVac, hose for DuoVac, accessories for DuoVac, or any other parts for DuoVac. You can even ask customer support any relevant questions you have about your vacuum system, and we''ll help you diagnose the problem and find the appropriate solution for it.

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