Help & Products for DuoVac Central Vacuum:

Vacuum Motors / Blower Motors for DuoVac

We take pride in our large line of industry standard motors for DuoVac Central Vacuum. With hundreds of motors in stock, you can rest assured that the right one will arrive at your doorstep. The cross reference chart below will help you decide which motor is correct of your DuoVac unit. If you need any assistance, feel free to call us toll-free at 1-800-971-7172

DuoVac Model Number DuoVac Motor Replacement Number
DuoVac SIG1404, DuoVac SIL1404, DuoVac SIT1404 116472
DuoVac SIG1465, DuoVac SIL1465, DuoVac SIT1465, DuoVac SYM1465 116765
DuoVac SIG1530, DuoVac SIL1530 117500-12
DuoVac SIG1570, DuoVac SIG1625 116207
DuoVac SYM1528, DuoVac SIT1528, DuoVac SYM180i 119631

Finding The Correct Motor

  • Remove the motor from your central vacuum system (see article)

  • Locate the label on the side of the motor

  • Take down that number and input it in our search, or manually look for it in our motor models section