Telescopic Wand with Button Locking Top

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Telescopic Wand with Button Locking Top

This Telescopic Wand is a great addition to any vacuum system using air-driven non-electric power brushes or any brushes for hard floors. The wand is friction locking at the bottom but has a button lock hole at the top.

Extended Length Measurement: 38 1/2-inches. Fits into vacuum accessories that have a 1-1/8" opening, and receives hose handle stub tubes are 1-1/8" wide. Heavy duty, chrome wand with an adjustable telescopic slider that allows you to adjust this vacuum tube to your desired length for vacuuming more comfortably.

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February 25, 2024

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January 27, 2024
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Location of Button Locking Hole
Question: Looking for a telescopic wand that has a hole for a button lock. Our replacement hose does not fit in deep enough to for the button to engage. It is frustrating to keep the hose on the wand. Our hose button is 1 7/8" from the end of hose to the center of the button. The wand hole is 1 5/16" from the end of the wand to the center of the hole. Can you recommend a wand that would fit our hose? Or is it better to change the hose with the original button location? Thanks.
CVO's Answer:
We sell standard button lock wands with the hole location 1/4" to 5/15" from the top. You may be able to find wands for it but it not we sell standard hoses as well.
What is the inner diameter of this wand?
Question: what is the inner diameter of this wand?
CVO's Answer:

The inner diameter will vary depending on whether it is plastic or metal.  The outside diameter will range from 1 1/8 inches - 1 1/4 inches.

Question: Will this wand work with a Vacuflo Turbocat plus Vacuum head?
CVO's Answer:

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