Help & Products for Electrolux Central Vacuum:

Compatible Hose Components for Electrolux Central Vacuum:
Adapter for 3-Prong Cords
Part # P-3PCA

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Switch Assembly for Gas Pump Handle
Part # P-SAGH

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Fuse Plug for Electric Hose (2-pin and cuff)
Part # P-FPEH

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Cord & Cuff for Electric Hose
Part # P-CCEH

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Central Vacuum Hose Sock
Part # H-SCK

$49.95 - $54.95
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Replacement Handle for Electric Hose
Part # P-GHREP

In Stock
Full Switch Assembly for Low Voltage Hose
Part # P-FSALV

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Switch Assembly for Pistol Style Handle
Part # P-SAPH

In Stock
Hose Cuff with Metal Ring
Part # P-HCMTR

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Hose Reducer for 1.25 Inch Inlets
Part # P-HA125M

In Stock
1.25" Diameter Hose Reducer with Cuff
Part # P-HA125

In Stock
Tapered Cuff 1.5 Inches
Part # P-HATPR

In Stock
Curved Wand Hose End with Metal End
Part # P-CURVW

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Hose Coupler
Part # P-HCOUP

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Wall Inlet Extension
Part # P-WIEXT

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