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  • Fasco Model 852SVDM
  • Fasco Model 8525VDM
  • Fasco Model 852SV
  • Fasco Model 851
  • Fasco Model 851DM
  • Fasco Model A853
  • Fasco Model A853449
  • Fasco Model 862-EB
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Bigger Motor Means More Power

The Fasco central vacuum system completes the job when it matters most. This centralized vacuum is a favorite among homeowners who want to keep their home clean and don't want to haul around a conventional vacuum. This centralized system enables users to place the main unit in a convenient and separate location such as the garage or basement. Then, wall inlets are placed in various rooms throughout the house to ensure that every inch of the floor can be vacuumed.

When Your Vacuum Stops, We Start

For spots that are reachable, but cannot be accessed, such as the area under the bad, or hard to reach corners where you may have placed furniture, Central Vacuum Online has the perfect solution. Our accessories for Fasco include different kinds of wands that can be extended or shortened according to your requirements, various brushes that cater to all types of flooring, and even hoses that vary in length. So we make sure that you are able to vacuum whatever area of the house it is that you want to clean.

Rock Bottom Prices

Known for our competitive prices, Central Vacuum Online excels at providing quality parts for central vacuum systems just when you need them. Our strong work ethic and firm belief in quality allow us to be one of the leading central vacuum parts and accessories providers. We ship products all over the nation, so as long as you have a need, we will fulfill it. Call us on the number given above to see how we can help you find the part you're looking for.

Note: Fasco is a registered trademark of Fasco, not Central Vacuum Online. Some products sold by Central Vacuum Online are not from Fasco but are designed to complement a Fasco central vacuum system. They therefore carry warranties from Central Vacuum Online and not Fasco and thus may alter the warranty provided by Fasco depending on the product sold.