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  • FloMaster Model M45
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  • FloMaster Model M72
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  • FloMaster Model C650
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The Flo-Master's Versatility

The Flo-Master provides great cleaning power at an affordable price. Much like our motto at Central Vacuum Online. We also believe in providing the most durable parts and accessories for central vacuum systems at the low prices, just like we do for the Flo-Master. This central vacuum system is popular for making very little noise when installed in the garage, and it's cleaning capacity is enough to handle large loads. As far as support for this vacuum is concerned, we provide all major and minor parts for this brand, and many others.

Flo-Master Parts

At Central Vacuum Online, you will find motors for Flo-Master, hoses for Flo-Master, filters for Flo-Master, and several other parts for Flo-Master. It is important to buy these parts from a trustworthy and credible company because sub-standard parts will make your machine suffer, and eventually possibly break down. We make sure that all our parts are made to fit their respective central vacuum system, without compromising its functionality in any way. If anything, we manufacture parts that enhance the vacuum's operation, so that you can place all your focus on cleaning rather than worrying about replacing parts.

Central Vacuum Online - A Name You Can Trust

Our vast list of parts and accessories includes almost any part you may need for the Flo-Master. On top of that, we sell our products at highly affordable rates, so you don't have to worry about spending a fortune. You can purchase high-quality central vacuum parts here without thinking twice. Contact our representatives today and see how Central Vacuum Online can make your life easier.