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12ft Extension Hose

This hose extension is a great addition to any home with a central vacuum system. Allow for 12 extra feet of cleaning range with this nifty extension! This extension hose is compatible for almost every hose style excluding direct connect hoses. Use this hose if you have one of the following hose styles:

  • Basic
  • Low Voltage (switch on handle)
  • Corded (3-way switch)

12ft extension hose is not compatible with direct connect hoses!

All you need to do is plug it in and gain extra cleaning range! Give us a call if you have any questions regarding this product. We will be glad to answer them!

Top Customer Reviews

(5/5 Stars)

July 10, 2022

So I already had purchased a 35-foot switched low voltage vacuum hose from CentralVac a while ago and just needed more footage to reach from the inside of my house and out the attached garage door to vacuum my cars and truck. The twelve-foot extension CentralVac sold me worked like a charm. Thank you much CentralVac, always a pleasure doing business with you!

- New York

(5/5 Stars)

June 26, 2022
Comments not provided.
- North Carolina

(5/5 Stars)

February 04, 2022

Very good quality OEM hose. Very handy in many situations including the garage.

- Michigan

(5/5 Stars)

January 31, 2022

It works perfectly! Just what was needed. Shipping was fast.


(5/5 Stars)

October 09, 2021

A little pricey, but this is just what Ive been needing for 20 years! There are three areas of my house where my normal hose cannot possibly reach. I have had to pull out another vac to get to those areas. Needless to say, those areas did not get the attention that they deserved!

- Virginia

(5/5 Stars)

September 07, 2021

Great product and fast shipping

- Virginia

(5/5 Stars)

September 01, 2021

the hose extension works like a champ -service was great -would recommend CVO .

- Connecticut

(5/5 Stars)

July 14, 2021
Comments not provided.
- Georgia

(5/5 Stars)

April 26, 2021

works like a champ! we have a hose cover for the main hose amp I was able to stretch it over the the large connector to provide extra protection of our hardwood floors

- South Carolina

(5/5 Stars)

March 30, 2021

Works perfectly! Gives me that little extra length to reach my far corners!!!

- Pennsylvania

(5/5 Stars)

March 14, 2021

Exactly as described excellent service quick delivery.

- Florida

(5/5 Stars)

February 17, 2021

Does exactly as they say it will and works well.

- Connecticut

(5/5 Stars)

December 09, 2020

The extension hose works perfectly, It is exactly what was described in description

- Connecticut

(5/5 Stars)

November 28, 2020

Extension hose fits and works perfectly with my original central vacuum hose system.

- Maryland

(5/5 Stars)

September 17, 2020

The extension worked great and was at a good price. The order arrived as promised. If you need central vac parts I highly recommend them for great service.

- New Hampshire

(5/5 Stars)

September 15, 2020

Works perfectly.

- Wisconsin

(1/5 Stars)

September 11, 2020

The hose seemed well made, and the end that attached to the wall unit had a nice tight fit. However, the end that connected to my existing hose, did not attach securely at all. There was no locking mechanism, and the hose became detached with the slightest tug.

- New Hampshire

(5/5 Stars)

August 30, 2020

Works great and was exactly what I needed to reach the far corners of a new addition.

- Massachusetts

(5/5 Stars)

July 27, 2020

This hose means the difference between a system sitting unused to now able to get to all the far reaches of a new home. It works very well and is a welcome family member! The constantly shedding two yellow labs are certainly appreciated more now that it is much easier to keep the carpets hair-free.

The shipping was also painless ndash arrived when expected and the packaging was secure. Packages can get bounced around by the various carriers and it's not unusual to have some unhappy products and unhappier customers. No problem here.

Thanks very much.

- Vermont

(5/5 Stars)

July 13, 2020

Perfect length for what we needed. Does the job.

- Indiana

Ask a Question

Beam Compatible?
Question: I Have a twenty year Old Beam Model#199D Serial # 940427168 Would I be able to attach the 12 ft extension to the model # I have now.
CVO's Answer:
All Beam models had many different types of hoses so here is how to figure it out: If the hose has an electric cord on the wall end then you can use the extension but the cord would need an extension cord on it. If your hose has two pins on the wall end then the extenion is not compatible. If your hose has no cords and no pins it is compatible.
Direct Connect Explained
Question: not sure if I have a direct connect hose what does that mean? My vacuum hose connects to the wall with an end like that shown on the right in your photo
CVO's Answer:
Direct Connection hoses have two metal round pins that slide into two small electric holes above the suction hole in the inlet faceplate. If you don't have two pins on the wall end of your hose then the Extension Hose is compatible.
Raised Plastic Tab on End?
Question: I have a twelve year old Braun central vac. I have to line up a raised end on top when I plug into the wall. I don't see pins, though. I need just a few more feet to reach one area of my kitchen. Will this fit?
CVO's Answer:

Please verify if your inlet valve measures 1-1/2 ID or just a bit less. There is not a raised part on the wall end of the extension hose. If your raised part starts the suction by engaging something then this hose will not work for you. But if you are talked about a tab of plastic that doesn't engage anything electrical then yes, this hose will work for you.

Extension Hose Compatibility
Question: I need a longer hose for my central vac in order to reach all rooms in my house. Do I need to buy a whole new hose or can I use the extension hose on mine. Where my hose connects to the wall there is a cord for the power nozzle and the hose has a gold ring around the part that connects to the wall. Will the extension hose work with mine?
CVO's Answer:

Compatibility: 1) air or basic hoses (no switch on handle), 2) low voltage hoses (switch on handle), and 3) corded electric hoses (three way switch). NOT compatible with direct connect electrical hoses (two pin connection on wall end of hose). Systems with a 1-1/4 inch diameter inlet hole can be adapted, please let us know to determine how.

Extension Hose Compatible?
Question: will the 12 ft extension hose be compatible with a Nutone low voltage CH620 hose
CVO's Answer:

Compatibility: 1-1/2 diameter 1) air or basic hoses (no switch on handle), 2) low voltage hoses (switch on handle), and 3) corded electric hoses (three way switch). NOT compatible with direct connect electrical hoses. Systems with a 1-1/4 inch diameter inlet hole can be adapted. If you have a 1-1/4 diameter inlet valve, please let us know.

Can you connect more than one of these together?
Question: Can you connect more than one of these together?
CVO's Answer:

Yes, you can use more than one Low Voltage Extension. However, please note the following:

Using multiple extensions:
• Will add bulk to the hose making it awkward to use
• May decrease overall suction
• May effect on/off switch functionality

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