TurboCat Vacuum Brush

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The Original TurboCat - Favored for Fur & Dependability!

The complete TurboCat Nozzle for carpets is a powerful air-driven turbo power head that harnesses the airflow of the central vacuum system for deep, thorough cleaning.

The TurboCat has proven to be one of the favorite air-driven carpet brushes chosen by our customers.

Why TurboCat?

  • The low-profile body easily cleans under sofas, beds and dressers
  • It's lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • The deep cleaning brush cleans carpets with staggered rows of crimped bristles that scoop up embedded dirt while grooming carpet
  • No batteries to replace, no cords, just connect to your hose and you're ready to go!
  • Exceptional at picking up animal fur

Warranty: 3yr Manufacturer.

Turbocat air driven brush for central vacuums is the exact replacement for all colors and models named TL2000, TurboCat II, TurboCat V, TP-210, T210, Turbo-Cat Plus, Ultra T210, SH01010 Hoover PowerMax, and Ultra TP210.

Also available in a complete kit on the kits page.

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Top Customer Reviews

(4/5 Stars)

May 24, 2024

Works well

- New York

(5/5 Stars)

April 28, 2024

Does a good job picking up dog hair and debris the cats bring into the house.

- California

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Zenex Compatible?
Question: if I buy this TurboCat Vacuum Nozzle will it fit my Zenex Central Vac. system Model 275 I need 114quot pipe dia to fit my rods of the vac. system that I already have. Also is there a cheaper option? I just need a carpet brush for my central vac.system .Thanks. An early response will be highly appreciated.
CVO's Answer:
Yes, the TurboCat fits on and works with your Zenex. This is the most cost effective carpet grooming solution.
Main Difference Between Models
Question: I have an older turbocat and need to order a new one, since we have already replaced all the parts and now the entire body is failing. I can't see the differences in the 3 models you sell. Can you elaborate on why I would buy one over the other?
CVO's Answer:
The Turbocat Zoom and Pro are the same product. They are the new version of the original Turbocat. Homeowners who have had the original like to stick with it after trying the updated model. The main difference is the belt. The original model has a geared belt that gives a stronger brush spin than the non-geared belt in the newer model. The newer model breaks less belts but both models need belt replacements in time as the belt stretches and is less effective.
Beam and Vacuflo Compatible?
Question: We have a Beam Vacuflo. Will the Turbocat fit the hose? Do we need more info about our Beam product to make sure of an answer to this question?
CVO's Answer:
Yes, the Turbocat will fit your system as long as the metal tube that attaches to the Turbocat is round and without any button lock sticking out.
Nutone CV-350 Compatible?
Question: will fit and work with a older model 350 system installed in 1975?
CVO's Answer:

Yes, the strength of the motor in the 350 Model (Nutone most likely) will spin the TurboCat brush very well. If you are using a newer hose it will be even better because it will have better air dynamics.

TurboCat Brush Width
Question: what is the width of the cleaning path of this brush?
CVO's Answer:

The TurboCat Brush measures at 12.5 .

Question: I've ordered this replacement part 4 times in the past year from Amazon. Any guarantees this one won't break like the others after 2 months?
CVO's Answer:

All products from CentralVacuumOnline come with a 2-year warranty (except motors which have 1-year) that covers normal household product usage.

Is This Compatible With My CV System For Pet Hair?
Question: We have a InterVac Central Vacuum System in our RV. Will this work with the System amp Connections? We have 3 dogs and are in need of some good suction amp fluffing of the carpet.
CVO's Answer:

Our Turbocat Vacuum Brush will work with your Intervac Central Vacuum System as long as the diameter of your extension wands measure 1.25 in width. Please note that the Turbocat Vacuum Brush, although classified as the top-of-the-line air driver options, does not perform as well as an electric power brush for a deep clean as well as picking up pet hair. Our recommendation is to upgrade your non-electric hose and accessories with our Villa Elite Electric Kit.

Why Choose an Electric Kit?

Your home will thank you when you upgrade to an electric kit! Owning an electric kit will allow you to clean better than ever. Having an electric motor in your carpet brush will not only increase suction, but it will also improve consistency when grooming your carpet with the electric floor brush. This will greatly reduce in allergens, creating a healthier living environment. These systems will be quieter than your standard air-driven turbine brushes and will break less belts, too. The electricity will be supplied either through a direct connection on your hose, or a pigtail cord to plug into a nearby electrical outlet.

Is It Compatible?

Absolutely! All of the electric kits we sell will work with 99% of central vacuum systems. If your wall inlets do not have the two prong direct connection, then purchase a kit with a pigtail to ensure compatibility. You will be pleased with the cleaning power you will obtain with one of our electric kits.

Direct Connect Hose
Pigtail Hose (corded)
Question: Using new (4wks new) for 3rd x. Love it except makes high pitch whine while vacuuming. Can we do something to get rid of that. Nothing is in the head that we can clean out.
CVO's Answer:

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