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The Turbocat Zoom EX is a powerful, air-driven turbo powerhead that harnesses the power of your central vacuum system for deep, thorough cleaning. Turbocat Zoom EX is the exact same as "TurboCat Pro" just colored differently.

The Turbocat Zoom EX vacuum is engineered with exclusive Z-Tech Design features including:

  • Excellent Suction Power
  • Multi-port Baseplate
  • Vac-N-Groom Brush Roller
  • Silent Drive Belt, and more!

Remove embedded dirt and dust while easily maneuvering the lightweight Turbocat Zoom. The TurboCat is so lightweight that it only weighs 4.3 pounds! It requires no power cords, batteries or electricity to operate, saving you cash on electricity!

Replaces all color versions of the original TurboCat Zoom EX, Platinum, Blue, II. It also replaces the orginal TurboCat, TL2000, TP210, T210, TT27. We sell this item in a kit complete with attachments.

Warranty: 3yr Manufacturer.

Replaces all TurboCat style vacuum nozzles.
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(5/5 Stars)

September 09, 2021

This is my second turbo cat vacuum head. It's a little louder than the previous one ,but my goodness it's so much better. Still using the original vacuum for over 31 years .

- North Carolina

(5/5 Stars)

July 19, 2021
Comments not provided.
- Arkansas

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TurboCat Neck
Question: I purchased this Turbocat within the last few months and the hose connector snapped and cracked. I would like to replace just this part, but can not find this part.
CVO's Answer:
Hello. Sorry to hear about your cracked TurboCat Neck! This part is available on our website. You can find the part here. Thanks!
Which Kit Works WIth Broan Systems?
Question: We moved into a home that has a Broan Central Vaccum Model CV20 and the unit seems to work but we have no accessories for it. Is there a kit we can purchase for this? Am unsure if what pieces to get as I have never had a central vac before. Can you help us?
CVO's Answer:
Hello and welcome to the central vacuum world! There are plenty of kits to get you started with your central vacuum. What kind of kit to purchase is based on how much carpeting is in the home. If you have a good amount of carpet, you are going to want to get an electric kit. The kit will come with hose, carpet brush and various other cleaning accessories and extensions. You will plug the hose into the suction inlet and also plug the cord into a nearby wall outlet. This option will give you an electrified carpet brush for a deeper clean on carpeted surfaces. Our recommendation for an electric kit is the Villa Elite. This kit can be found here:
http://centralvacuumonline.com/products/general/kits/electrickits/villa-elite-electric-kits/ Your other option is an air-driven kit. This kit is best suited for homes with minimal carpeting. These kits also include the hose, carpet brush and various accessories. The difference being that it does not plug into a wall outlet for power. It uses air-turbine technology to move the carpet roller. If an air-driven kit would suit your needs, we recommend the Turbocat Zoom Kit. This kit can be found here:
Question: I?m trying to find a vacuum head that will replace a broken one for the cz-450. Can you tell me what current models will work?
CVO's Answer:

Hello and thank you for contacting Central Vacuum Online my name is Ally and I am happy to assist you today.

We will not be able to use the model # of the unit in the garage/basement to determine the compatibility of a power head with your current set up. Please reply with pictures or make/model of your powerhead/wand set and the model information on the hose. If pictures are sent, we may not need the model information on the existing tools/hose. Thank you.  

Question: Will the brushes on a turbocat-zoom-ex touch a tile floor? I am looking for a attachment that has spinning brushes that will really brush my tile floors to make them shine. I am not interested in a unit that does not have spinning brushes. Thank you.
CVO's Answer:

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