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Cord Channel Lower Wand
Part # A-CCLW

In Stock
Cord Channel Upper Wand
Part # A-CCUW

In Stock
Chrome Extension Tube
Part # A-EXTTB

In Stock
Black Plastic Extension Tube
Part # A-WWEXT

In Stock
Plastic Extension Tube
Part # A-EXTPL

In Stock
Telescopic Vacuum Tube
Part # A-EXTTL

In Stock
Telescopic Wand with Button Locking Top

In Stock
Telescopic Vacuum Tube w/ Cord Channel
Part # A-TELCC

In Stock
Grey Upper Hayden Wand

Not In Stock
Lower Wand Mates Panasonic Style to Plastiflex
Part # A-HLWPL

Not In Stock
Integrated Telescopic Vacuum Wand for EBK 360
Part # A-TBWI

In Stock
Response Integrated Telescopic Wand
Part # A-RITW

In Stock