Basic Central Vacuum Hose

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All of our Basic Central Vacuum Hoses fit into inlets with a 1-1/2" diameter. Basic Central Vacuum Hose features:

  • Lightweight, crush-proof hose
  • Clean and modern white finish
  • 27% more air flow than older central vacuum hoses
  • Suction starts as soon as the hose is plugged into the inlet

Our basic vacuum hoses come in many lengths, including: 25ft, 30ft, 35ft, and 50ft.

Our hoses are compatible with these standard inlets and many, many more!

VACUFLO OWNERS: Hose does not work with 4940 style valves. Hose does not have two metal connection pins for wall inlet. We have options for upgrading inlet valves in order to use industry standard hoses and electric power nozzles for a better clean. Please give us a call for more information.

Rediscover the power and convenience of your central vacuum with a new central vacuum hose. Did you know that the new hoses in the industry have up to 27% more suction than older central vac hoses? Not only will you feel improved suction, but the slick finish on the hose will also glide across your floor without scratching your beloved flooring. If that's not enough, you will also love that the basic central vacuum hose is also crush proof and pliable. Accidentally step on it in a frantic cleaning frenzy of glory? No problem. The hose will go right back to it's original form without cracking.

Basic Central Vac Hose Upgrade

While we here at Central Vacuum Online love the Basic Central Vacuum hose, we also love convenience. Consider upgrading to a Low Voltage Hose. What's that, you ask? The Low Voltage Hose is a hose with a comfortable handle that contains an on/off switch right at the handle. No more running back and forth to unplug the hose when you receive that important call you've been waiting on. We think it's definitely worth the extra pennies, but see for yourself. You won't be disappointed. Click here to view the Low Voltage Hoses that we offer.

Take it a step further

Are your central vacuum attachments as worn out as your central vacuum hose? Why not consider replacing everything at once with our affordable central vacuum attachment kits? Our central vac kits have all of the tools and components to revitalize your entire cleaning arsenal. We know that the initial investment may seem steep for some, but once you receive the kit and realize the lasting value of our durable products, you will rest easy knowing your investment was worth it. Also keep in mind that we have a 30 day risk-free policy. Not happy with the attachment kit? Send it back for a full refund. It's that simple.

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Top Customer Reviews

(5/5 Stars)

December 04, 2018

Hose works great, so much better than old hose we had. Excellent price and service Thanks

- Ohio
(4/5 Stars)

November 29, 2018

Good product but not as heavy weight as my original hose from years ago so I hope it holds up as well. The last hose got a lot of use and lasted for about 15 years. But it is nice having the lighter weight. Next I am due for a new beater brush head, so will be ordering that in the near future.

- Wisconsin

Ask a Question

Fasco Compatible?
Question: Will this hose fit a Fasco central vacuum system that is 25 years old?
CVO's Answer:
Yes, this hose will fit all Fasco systems no matter the age. The Low Voltage hose will fit too and be a better one to use because it has an on/off switch for the suction at the hose handle. If you have any other questions please let us know.
Vantage Vac System
CVO's Answer:
The Basic Hose will work on Vantage Vac installations with the 1-1/2" diameter wall plate holes. Each model could have different wall plates. Please measure the hole on your wall plate to see if it is 1-1/2" diameter or just a hair smaller. All our hoses will fit that size wall valve opening and work with the system.
Question: Is this hose compatible with the AIR VAC AV425?
CVO's Answer:
Yes, our Basic Central Vacuum hose is compatible with your AirVac. We ask that you check your inlet valves to make sure it reads 1.5 inches in diameter for proper connection.
Industry Standard Compatable
Question: Will this hose fit a Budd vacuum that is 45 yrs old?
CVO's Answer:
If your inlet valve is made to industry standard specifications, this hose will be compatible. Industry standard specifications dictate that the inner diameter of the inlet valve measures at 1-1/2" and has two small metal contacts (they may appear to be metal dots or nubs) located just within the inlet valve itself. These contacts should make a connection with the metal ring around the wall end of your hose and start the flow of suction.
Budd Lid Activated Inlet - 1.25 Inch Diameter
Question: Do you think this hose work with a 15-yo Budd unit that is activated by opening the receptacle DOOR 90 degrees, not by 2 nubs in the receptacle? My broken hose has an approx 12quot long by 1-12quot dia straight metal stem that inserts into the receptacle that this hose doesn't show. The receptacle dia is 1.5quot and has a flat surface.
CVO's Answer:
Yes, our hoses fit Budd Central Vacuum wall inlets, both hose and door activated. But if it is door activated then you will need this adapter to put intot the wall end of your new hose http://centralvacuumonline.com/products/budd/partsfilters/hosecomponents/hose-reducer-for-kenmore/. Please see all your options here and let us know if you have any further questions. http://centralvacuumonline.com/products/budd/hoses/
Does It Have A Button Lock (Push Pin)?
Question: Does this hose have the push pin to retain the extension tube to the working end of the hose?
CVO's Answer:
The Basic Central Vacuum Hose does not have a button lock to connect to an extension tube. However, this basic hose will still hold an extension tube with a button lock if you are able to twist while inserting the tube onto the hose handle. If you would rather have button lock capabilities on your hose, please view our low voltage button locking hoses by clicking the following link: Low Voltage, Button Lock Hoses.
Basic Hose Features
Question: Would this hose more closely resemble the high voltage flexible vinyl hose that we currently have for our 18 yr old Zena vac, or the stiff blue plastic hose (spare hose) that we use to vac in the basement?
CVO's Answer:
Our basic hose does not contain low voltage or high voltage capabilities. Your system is activated upon inserting the wall end of the hose into the inlet valves (wall ports) throughout your home. They are lightweight, pliable, crushproof and are available in various lengths as shown here: Basic Hose Options
Extend Hose with Additional Hose and Coupler
Question: I need to extend my 1 14 inch inside diameter basic non electric hose. Can I use the 25' basic hose and with which coupler. thanks Roy
CVO's Answer:

Yes, you can buy another basic hose of any brand, length, or diameter and couple it using this Hose Coupler.

Extension Hose Available?
Question: I am looking for a hose extension, does it exists? Can I find a hose to connect to my existing hose, to make it longer, to reach farther? Thanks, Valentin
CVO's Answer:

We have a 12-foot Extension Hose available here that works with most all hoses. Please take the time to read the description to understand if the hose is compatible with yours. If you have any questions please ask us.

Compatible with Power Star Central Vacs?
Question: thinking of replacing my Broan vac (model cv-40) with replacement unit Power Star will the hoses I have fit ( hoses are 25 yrs old) the Power Star replacemnt unit
CVO's Answer:

Yes, your existing hose and accessories are compatible with the Power Star central vacuum systems.

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On sale for:
$58.99 - $98.99

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