E-Box ElectraValve Face Plate Inlet Kit

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Canplas E-Box ElectraValve Connection and Face Plate

The E-box ElectraValve is the new ElectraValve from Vaculine/Canplas and is NOT compatible with older ElectraValves which are now out of production. When replacing an older ElectraValve cover plate, you will need the new E-Box Electravalve cover plate as well as the new E-box connector. Snip off the old plug and strip back the romex to fit into the new E-box connector. Differences between the old Electravalve and new E-Box ElectraValve: 1) No more romex attached to a molded end. Now simply snap your romex into the new E-Box connector. 2) Permanent connection to inlet. The new E-box ElectraValve cover plate allows the new E-Box connector to easily snap into place - permanently. Wiring: Two screw connections on the back for low voltage wire and a place to snap in the high voltage E-Box connector. Includes: Rough-in and Connector, and Cover Plate with Screws. Specifications: Made by Vaculine/Canplas 775850. Outer dimensions: 3-1/2" by 5-3/16"..

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(5/5 Stars)

July 06, 2019

This worked great to replace one of my existing outlets where the seal gasket had broken off. from the cover plate I had to use a dremel tool to grind a little bit of plastic out of the way in my existing wall fixture, and then the e-box and cover plate mated perfectly. Super simple job to replace the broken cover plate. Seems very well designed and manufactured. Replaced mine from 2003 which said Electravalve Wall Valve Type A

- Colorado

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Question: Will this electrified inlet work with Beam electric power-teams?
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Hello and thank you for contacting Central Vacuum Online my name is Ally and I am happy to assist you today.

These Electravalve E Box inlet valves are 1.5" ID to mate perfectly with the industry standard 1.5" OD Electrified (Direct Connect) Central Vacuum Hose. 

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