TurboCat Zoom Attachment Kits

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The TurboCat Zoom Kit - Powerful Air-Driven Technology

The TurboCat Zoom is arguably one of the best air-driven carpet brushes on the market. Now, packaged with some of the best cleaning attachments in the industry. Your home will thank us.

Complete central vacuum attachment kits include:

  • 12" TurboCat Zoom
  • 30ft or 35ft Crush-proof Swivel Low Voltage Hose
  • Telescopic Metal Wand
  • 12" Natural Bristle Floor Brush with Wheels
  • Deluxe Upholstery Tool
  • Deluxe Dusting Brush with Natural Bristling
  • Deluxe Crevice Tool
  • Cloth Tool Caddie Bag
  • Metal Hose Hanger,
  • Tube Holder

Warranty: Nozzle 3yr Manufacturer, 2yr everything else.

Vacuflo Owners:
Hose does not work with 4940 valves. Hose does not have two metal connection pins. Buy correct hose direct from Vacuflo or call for options.

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Features & Attachments

12" Deluxe Floor Brush

Deluxe natural bristle brush for quick and easy clean ups. 12-inch wide cleaning path will make cleaning that much easier for you.


Telescopic wand for easy height adjustment when vacuuming. Just press the button on the side, and adjust to whatever height feel comfortable.

Crevice Tool

Fantastic crevice tool allows you to vacuum in those tight spots. Great when vacuuming furniture, bookshelves and more!

Upholstery Brush

Great brush for you couches and other furniture, stiff tufts allow for better suction when using this brush. Detach the bristles to get better suction when vacuuming couches/chairs.

Round Dusting Brush

Round dusting brush with soft natural bristles. Great for bookcases and shelves. This brush also works very well when cleaning detailed furniture such as mantles.

Additional Pieces

Kit Highlights

Deluxe natural bristle brush for quick and easy clean ups.
The upholstery brush works great on couches & more!
Round dusting brush is great for bookcases and shelves.

Top Customer Reviews

(5/5 Stars)

November 17, 2019
Comments not provided.
- California
(5/5 Stars)

October 20, 2019

Delivered as promised...plugged it in and I was a vacuuming genius!

- Montana
(5/5 Stars)

October 06, 2017

Order several items and everything with just as described and appreciate the concerns regarding our satisfaction. Would recommend them to anyone. Thanks

(5/5 Stars)

September 10, 2016
Comments not provided.
- Colorado
(4/5 Stars)

July 12, 2016

Everything works as it should. Very happy with the purchase.

- California
(5/5 Stars)

April 08, 2016

perfect replacements for original system!

- Florida
(5/5 Stars)

May 30, 2015

This was better than the set that came with our system originally.

- Illinois
(5/5 Stars)

February 17, 2015


- New York
(5/5 Stars)

November 17, 2014

Product was as advertised and works great.

- Michigan
(4/5 Stars)

May 05, 2014

The TurboCat Zoom kit is very good to excellent overall. The TurboCat Zoom itself has a really high noise level, but it works well. I do not know if there is a way to remanufacture with noise-reducing insulation or not.

- Oklahoma
(5/5 Stars)

September 30, 2013

Excellent product and vacuums well. TurboCat a little loud to what I am used to but suctions well.

Arrived on time in a nice package..

Will buy again.

- Virginia
(5/5 Stars)

July 09, 2013

Good product, good price, works great.

- New York
(5/5 Stars)

January 06, 2012

Product was as described and works great! Shipment was unbelieveably quick, faster than anticipated. Would very much recommend this product and company.

- Illinois
(4/5 Stars)

July 08, 2011

I really like the TurboCat Zoom. It appears to do a good job. My only complaint is that the cord arrived with a bad switch but customer service sent a new one out immediately.

- Texas
(4/5 Stars)

May 14, 2011

Great set for the price! I ordered it because I needed a second set for my downstairs and it works great. Good quality.

- South Carolina
(3/5 Stars)

March 28, 2011

Wall side did not fit in our outlet even though they measured the same.

- South Carolina
(5/5 Stars)

February 06, 2010

Great Buy! I love this kit. It gives you everything to get your home clean. The turbocat picks up EVERYTHING off the carpet with one sweep. Thanks for making a great product!

- Ohio
(5/5 Stars)

December 12, 2009

The order was sent out quickly and delivered a day earlier than promised. It was literally shipped across the country. The hose set was of high quality and better than the original equipment. The price was the best I could find on line. I would recommend your company to anyone needing replacement parts for their system. Thank you.

- Vermont
(3/5 Stars)

October 02, 2009

The hose is nice and light weight, but kinks. Due to its size it must be coiled to store. In using the hose, removing the coils without the hose kinking is difficult. It should be constructed with better reinforcement. (CVO NOTES: The crushproof, pliable, lightweight hose is an excellent feature of the kit. The key is to only coil it in four or five loops to store it. This will greatly reduce any kinking.)

- Florida
(2/5 Stars)

July 18, 2009

I was disappointed with the new kit because the hose pulls out of the vaccum pole when you are vacuuming. There needs to be a locking system on it like the orginal set that came with our system. (PLEASE INSERT AND TWIST THE WANDS TOGETHER AND THEY WILL HOLD.)

- California

Ask a Question

Question: How does one know if you have the 4940 valves in the wall? I transferred my system from our original home to where we live now and need to buy all new hose and accessories. I want to make sure this new hose will work with my valves. Question 2 my older air powered carpet brush only worked mediocre at best when it was new. I assume the new electric powerheads are better. Will these electric hoses work with my wall valves? Thanks
CVO's Answer:

Please review if your inlet valves look like the photo of the 4940 valve below. The electric powerheads are going to be more powerful than the air-driven brushes as they are powered by electricity and suction power. Our kits are compatible with industry standard inlet valves. You can determine if your inlet valve is industry standard by ensuring the inlet valve measures 1-1/2 ID, contains two small metal contact points and will not start the flow of suction until a hose is inserted.

Compatible with the Hoover S5604?
Question: Is this system compatible with the Hoover S5604?
CVO's Answer:

Yes, the Turbocat Zoom Attachment Kit is compatible with Hoover central vacuum systems.

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