115330 Lamb Ametek Motor

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The Ametek Lamb 115330 Motor is used for central vacuums, industrial motors and blowers, and similar applications. It replaces all versions of the 115330 motor used in all types of industries spanning many decades. Older model 115330 motors may not be marked properly with the motor number and some may have 11-5330 or just a 5330. We do not recommend rebuilding these types of motors due to cost and technical precision for proper performance and longevity.

Specifications for model 115330 Lamb Ametek Motor:

  • Genuine & New - Not Rebuilt - Stamped and Dated
  • Ships the day ordered, if not the next business day
  • 2-Stage, Peripheral Motor, Ball Bearings
  • Diameter: 7.2 inch, Height: 6 inch
  • Voltage: 110-120, Amps 13.4, Hz: 50/60
  • Waterlift: 84.9", CFM: 115.7, AirWatts: 399
  • Warranty: One Year Residential, 30-Day Commercial
  • Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction 30-day Full Refund

Maintenance: No grease, oil, or tightening needed on the 115330 motor. The only recommended preventative maintenance is changing the motor brushes after several years or around the 300-500 hour half-life. The high quality of Ametek motors is recognized worldwide.

Instructions: How to Remove and Replace Your Central Vacuum Motor

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100% Genuine Lamb Ametek Motor

Motor 115330 is a replacement motor for:
  • Central Vac International CV11
  • Central Vac International CVS11
  • Central Vac International CV11DP
  • Central Vac International CVS11DP
  • Pullman BIV-99
  • Pullman BIV-102
  • VSI Filtex TC600L
  • & more!

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When To Replace Brushes vs Motor
Question: how do you know if the brushes need replacement?
CVO's Answer:
Motors have two carbon brushes that conduct electricity across an armature spinning in the center of the motor. The brushes start off at about 3/4 inches long and go down over time. There is a spring behind them applying pressure. By the time a motor has run 800-1100 hours, which is a life span, it is too late to change the brushes. The armature is worn, bearing are not as solid, and new brushes will grind down extremely quick. If you don't know how long your vacuum has been run you can check a couple things in order to find out if the brushes should be replaced. First see if the bearing are solid. Push on the center rod, the armature running from top to bottom, to see if there is any play. If there is any play then replace the motor. If it is solid then next check where the brushes rub on the armature. There are plates there that should be shiny and mostly clean. If they are pitted and blackened then replace the motor. If they look good then check the brushes. If the brushes are worn down to 3/8" then replace them both. Sometimes one wears much faster than the other.

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