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The Ametek Lamb 116119-00 Motor for central vacuums, blowers, and similar applications and replaces all versions of the 116119 motor used in all types of industries spanning many decades. Older model 116119-00 motors may not be marked properly with the motor number and some may have 11-6119 or just a 6119. We do not recommend rebuilding these types of motors due to cost and technical precision for proper performance and longevity.

Specifications for model 116119 Lamb Ametek Motor:

  • Genuine & New - Not Rebuilt - Stamped and Dated
  • Ships the day ordered, if not the next business day
  • 3-Stage, Tangential Bypass Motor, Ball Bearings
  • Diameter: 7.2 inch, Height: 7.75 inch
  • Voltage: 110-120, Amps 12.3, Hz: 50/60
  • Waterlift: 135", CFM: 94.3, AirWatts: 438
  • Warranty: One Year Residential, 30-Day Commercial
  • Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction 30-day Full Refund

Maintenance: No grease, oil, or tightening needed on the 116110 motor. The only recommended preventative maintenance is changing the motor brushes after several years or around the 300-500 hour half-life. The high quality of Ametek motors is recognized worldwide.

Instructions: How to Remove and Replace Your Central Vacuum Motor

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100% Genuine Lamb Ametek Motor

Motor 116119 is a replacement motor for:
  • Beam 204
  • Beam 294
  • Beam 284
  • Beam 287S
  • Beam 287SP
  • Beam 287C
  • Black and Decker 820
  • Broan CV-30
  • Broan V30C
  • Brute Power Systems XB12119
  • Dust Care DCC1
  • Vacuqueen SD500
  • Wal Vac 450
  • & more!

Top Customer Reviews

(5/5 Stars)

July 12, 2021

Exact match went in in about 5 minutes.

So far working great!

- Massachusetts
(5/5 Stars)

July 02, 2021

Very pleased, new motor and the vac system is like new.

- Tennessee

Ask a Question

Is there a newer replacement motor than the 116119?
Question: I need to replace the motor in my 30 year old FASCO central vac. Is there a newer model to replace the 116119 that might be better but will fit in the existing unit.
CVO's Answer:
Hello, central vacuum units are made with one particular motor in mind for that unit and others will not work in place of that specific motor. That being said, there are other ways to help improve your system in addition to purchasing a new motor. A good place to start is by changing the filter and hose. You can also run 'Tornado Cloths' through your central vacuum plumbing to remove clogs and even improve the scent of your central vacuum unit.
These cloths can be found here: http://centralvacuumonline.com/product/maintenance-cloths/

Another way to help your vacuuming on carpet is to consider purchasing an electric carpet brush. This will use suction and electricity to maximize your carpet grooming.

Our best carpet groomer is the EBK360 Soft Clean and can be found here: http://centralvacuumonline.com/product/ebk-360-soft-clean/

We also sell the EBK 360 electric carpet brush in a kit that includes a new hose and accessories which can be found here: http://centralvacuumonline.com/product/villa-elite-electric-kits/ Please call us if you have any questions at all: 1-800-971-7172

Question: My Kennmore central vacuum had a replacement motor and turbine (I purchased from you, Ametek 116119-00) replaced in 2019. It has been working well but suddenly reduced suction. The motor is running but suction in very reduced. I was vacuuming when the reduction occurred. The pipes are not obstructed. The motor seal is intact. I cannot locate any leak in the system. Do the turbines suddenly fail? Is the solution to replace the motor and turbine? The last unit lasted 18 years and this one just 2 12 years.
CVO's Answer:

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