117944 Lamb Ametek Motor

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NOTE: Ametek has been experiencing supply issues for several months, so there is a wide-spread shortage of original Ametek central vacuum motors. Back orders are shipped in the order received. Place your order today!

The Ametek Lamb 117944 Motor for central vacuums, blowers, and similar applications replaces all versions of the 117944 motor used in all types of industries spanning many decades. Older model 117944 motors may not be marked properly with the motor number and some may have 11-7944 or just a 7944. We do not recommend rebuilding these types of motors due to cost and technical precision for proper performance and longevity.

Specifications for model 117944 Lamb Ametek Motor:

  • Genuine & New - Not Rebuilt - Stamped and Dated
  • Ships the day ordered, if not the next business day
  • 3-Stage, Peripheral Motor, Ball Bearings
  • Diameter: 5.7 inch, Height: 8 inch
  • Voltage: 220-240, Amps 6.7, Hz: 50/60
  • Waterlift: 138.1", CFM: 100.3, AirWatts: 444
  • Warranty: One Year Residential, 30-Day Commercial
  • Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction 30-day Full Refund

Maintenance: No grease, oil, or tightening needed on the 117944 motor. The only recommended preventative maintenance is changing the motor brushes after several years or around the 300-500 hour half-life. The high quality of Ametek motors is recognized worldwide.

Instructions: How to Remove and Replace Your Central Vacuum Motor

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100% Genuine Lamb Ametek Motor

Top Customer Reviews

(5/5 Stars)

October 11, 2017

The motors arrived in a short time and shipping was included in the price which was lower that others on the web. The motors were packaged against damage and well as anything I have ever had delivered. A few words of caution. The motors wires do not have connectors so hang onto the old motors. You can cut off a portion of wire with connectors from the old motors and splice onto the new motor wires. An extra step but it provides more wire length and easier reconnecting to the printed circuit board. The holes that are used for the motor clamps are not threaded. The screws used need to be self tapping thread forming. Again hang on to the old stuff until the new motors arrive. I used a power driver and snapped a screw in the hole. There is a second set of holes in the motor so I rotated the motor 90 degrees and set the driver clutch on a low setting and finished tightening by hand. The motors have an odd odor but not the same as the old motors that burnt out. I hope just some excess lubricate out gassing. The motors do run hot. I hope that is normal.

- Wyoming
(5/5 Stars)

December 16, 2016

Easy to install!

(5/5 Stars)

June 20, 2016

I have purchased two motors from Central Vacuum Online. My dual motor Silent Master central vac system failed one motor than 3 months later the other. Both replacements from Central Vacuum were easy to install and work great.

(5/5 Stars)

February 13, 2015

Almost a drop in replacement in my 20 year old system - PERFECTION.

Since the motors last so long I don't use wire nuts in the replacement. Heat shrink tubing over the connections and you know nothing will ever loosen up.

I have a dual motor system and about every 10 years the motors wear out.

Thought I would have to buy an entire systems but Central Vac came through again.

Oh and for the few bucks get new gaskets with the motor - the old ones end up leaking and you lose suction.

- Arizona
(5/5 Stars)

November 05, 2012

I rarely do ratings / surveys, but this one definitely deserved one. Central Vacuum Online is a definite 10. Our central vacuum unit lost suction and per local company's tech one of the motors died. To make a long story short they wanted $700+ for just the motor (because it's a 220VAC) plus labor amounting to about $1,200.00 to get our vacuum unit repaired. I googled the motor, found Central Vacuum Online, and obviously for so much less we got our unit running again. We found that the suction was not to where it was and as it turned out the second motor was dying and we were not told of this by the same tech who gave us the astronomical quote / RIP-OFF (could only imagine his plan). We ordered 2nd motor, bags, bottom large filter and our unit is working better than ever, not to mention we saved over thousands of dollars had we let the "pro" (professional rip off artist) con us. Central Vacuum Online's search and order process are efficient and painless. Products were shipped faster than expected and have performed flawlessly. We will definitely look at Central Vacuum Online for anything on central vacuum related matters and refer them to anyone and everyone that can use central vacuum units. Please stay in business so we can have a choice and avoid getting ripped off. Thanks and keep up the good work!

- California

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