122685 Lamb Ametek Motor

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Replaces Lamb Ametek motor #122525

The Ametek Lamb 122685 Motor for central vacuums, blowers, and similar applications replaces all versions of the 122685 motor used in all types of industries spanning many decades. Older model 122685 motors may not be marked properly with the motor number and some may have 11-2685 or just a 2685. We do not recommend rebuilding these types of motors due to cost and technical precision for proper performance and longevity.

Specifications for model 122685 Lamb Ametek Motor:

  • Genuine & New - Not Rebuilt - Stamped and Dated
  • Ships the day ordered, if not the next business day
  • 2-Stage, Tangential Motor, Ball Bearings
  • Diameter: 5.7 inch, Height: 7.5 inch
  • Voltage: 110-120, Amps 15.2, Hz: 50/60
  • Waterlift: 130", CFM: 128, AirWatts: 574
  • Warranty: One Year Residential, 30-Day Commercial
  • Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction 30-day Full Refund

Maintenance: No grease, oil, or tightening needed on the 122685 motor. The only recommended preventative maintenance is changing the motor brushes after several years or around the 300-500 hour half-life. The high quality of Ametek motors is recognized worldwide.

Instructions: How to Remove and Replace Your Central Vacuum Motor

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100% Genuine Lamb Ametek Motor
  • AirVac 110
  • AstroVac MK-X
  • AstroVac P-120
  • AstroVac P-125
  • Beam 75
  • Beam 80
  • Beam 95
  • Beam 99
  • Beam 153
  • Beam 154
  • Beam 183
  • Beam 190
  • Beam 253
  • Beam 254
  • Beam 259
  • Beam 284
  • Beam 294
  • Beam 297
  • Beam 297S
  • Beam 297SP
  • Beam 297C
  • Broan CV-16
  • Broan V16C
  • Budd 0704
  • Dust Care BE1
  • Dust Care BE2
  • Fasco 851
  • Hayden SV36
  • NuTone 350
  • Pullman-Holt 105
  • Vacuflo 26
  • Vacuflo 99
  • VacuMaid P125
  • VacuMaid P225
  • VacuMaid P325
  • Wal Vac 236
  • Wal Vac 836
  • Whirlpool FB7700XSO

Top Customer Reviews

(5/5 Stars)

March 21, 2023

This motor was perfect drop in replacement for one that burned up. Here is a bit of advice If your central vac motor does not have some sort of mounting bracket to ensure it is mounted precisely, and instead just has three threaded posts with instructions to quotfinger tightenquot the nuts -- you can thread multiple nuts onto each of the threaded posts to create a motor mount. Add nuts to each threaded post until you can no longer slide a piece of paper under the motor, then tighten your motor down on top of the nuts stacked on each post. Now you don't have to worry about mounting the motor slightly off center, under-tightening, over-tightening, all of which can cause the motor to fail. If possible, you may want to substitute a nylon spacer in place of the last nut on each post to dampen motor vibrationsound that may transfer to your central vac unit. NOTE I own a Modern Day (MD) Silent Master SD-44 and installed my motor on top of 12 nuts x3 posts.

- Missouri

(5/5 Stars)

February 11, 2023

I'm so happy I was able to get this motor. Everything is working well with it! Great price and great customer service.

- Utah

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