Help & Products for Your Central Vacuum:

Compatible Bags & Filters for Your Central Vacuum:
OVO 700 6-Gallon Bags - 3 Pack
Part # P-FLTR19

In Stock
Small Elastic Top Bags - 5 Pack
Part # P-FLTR9

In Stock
Large Elastic Top Bags - 5 Pack
Part # P-FLTR11

In Stock
Hayden Central Vacuum Cartridge Filter
Part # P-HAYF

In Stock
Vacuflo Vacuum Cartridge Filter Short
Part # F-HP1

In Stock
Foam Filter 6 x 6 inches
Part # F-6BY6

In Stock
Large Foam Filter 8 x 7 inches
Part # F-8BY8

In Stock
Small Open-Top Paper Bags, 4 Pack
Part # P-FLTR1

In Stock
Large Open-Top Paper Bags, 4 Pack
Part # P-FLTR2

In Stock
Large Mid Entry Paper Bags, 3 Pack
Part # P-FLTR4

In Stock
Large Top Entry Paper Bags, 3 Pack
Part # P-FLTR5

In Stock
Large Inverted Cloth Filter
Part # P-FLTR6

In Stock
Small Inverted Cloth Filter
Part # P-FLTR7

In Stock
Small Cloth Support Bag
Part # P-FLTR8

Not In Stock
Large Cloth Support Bag
Part # P-FLTR12

In Stock
Large Mesh Filter
Part # P-FLTR10

In Stock
Central Vacuum Exhaust Filter Bag
Part # P-EFBAG

In Stock

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