Two Motor Circuit Board 15a 120v

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Two Motor Circuit Board 15a 120v

Circuit board for dual motor vacuum units under 16 amps. Will not work with all central vacuums.

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Top Customer Reviews

(5/5 Stars)

March 28, 2020

I used a step drill to place an additional hole into canister. Installation looks like it was Original Equipment and works perfectly.

- Arizona
(5/5 Stars)

February 20, 2020

looks like it will work better than original and really easy to install

- Michigan
(5/5 Stars)

January 07, 2020

Worked perfect to get my Nutone CV750 going again. A couple minor wiring mods and drilling a hole, but overall a fairly easy install.

- South Carolina
(5/5 Stars)

December 30, 2019

As Nutone no longer manufacturesstockssellsdistributes the original part, this was the best repair solution for my Nutone CV750 Central Vacuum, short of replacing the entire unit. Some drilling in the housing is required - and that's a bit of a hassle, depending upon your access to the unit (i.e. drilling from an awkward position). Nevertheless, my unit works again, and the folks at Central Vacuum Online were very helpful!

- California
(5/5 Stars)

November 13, 2019

My 23 year old vacuum stopped working. After cleaning the motors and smoothing the commutators and brushes the vacuum still shutdown. So I replaced the circuit board with this updated board. I knew it required drilling a hole for the additional mini circuit breaker on the board. That was easy to do. I'm very pleased to now have a working vacuum. The board was very reasonably priced. I will need to replace the brushes within a couple of years and will look forward to ordering them from Central Vacuum Online.

- Maryland
(5/5 Stars)

September 27, 2019

Two Motor Circuit Board 15a 120v

This is a great after market control board for the Nutone 750 Central Vacuum. Nutone no longer makes the control board for this system. Shame on them.

It saved having to scrap the whole unit.

Fairly simple to drill one additional hole and then install it.

- Pennsylvania
(5/5 Stars)

June 16, 2019

Quick delivery! All is great - my central vac is now working again! Thank you!

- Wisconsin
(5/5 Stars)

December 21, 2018

A great universal product to get your vacuum back to working order. We thought we would have to buy a new vacuum when Nutone told us they did not have a replacement board for the CV-750, but this product saved us over $300.

- Missouri
(5/5 Stars)

June 11, 2018

Just what I needed. Great instructions. Salvaged my nutone cv750.

- California
(5/5 Stars)

January 05, 2018

Our central vac failed right before Thanksgiving and the local repair company we found blew us off, they didn't want to travel to the sticks where we live. So, I used this to replace the control board in my Nutone CV750 vacuum system. As I expected some drilling of new holes to accommodate the second circuit breaker was required. Using a step drill opened up the original LED hole in the sheet metal and a little filing of existing holes got the new board mounted. My only issue with this board is the lack of useful marking for the AC inputs and output wires. However, it was easy enough to figure out where connections needed to be made. I had to get some wire, crimp connectors and wire nuts to wire this up, but it was all straightforward. I felt I had accomplished something when the machine returned to life, and I also impressed my wife. The Nutone relacement was priced at about $200 and had a 4 week back order. So, buying this covered the cost of a wire crimping tool, some spools of wire, wire nuts, spade connectors and a step drill. I also learned a lot abut how my central vac works. If you're not comfortable doing basic wiring, find a repair shop to install it. I didn't have any problems.

- Texas
(5/5 Stars)

November 06, 2017

Received board and installed by electrician with minimal effort. Worked on first try after installation and saved a lot of money. Thanks

- Virginia
(5/5 Stars)

August 15, 2013

My old mechanical relay was sticking. This solid-state PCB assembly is a much more reliable solution.

- California
(5/5 Stars)

March 03, 2011

I rebuilt my 1984 vintage Modern Day B2 unit with 2 new motors and replaced the existing relay and transformer with this circuit board. I had to cut holes for the breakers and low voltage socket in the existing vacuum housing. That was a little tricky, however once I got the holes aligned and cut the installation was a snap. The vacuum has been running trouble free for over 2 months now. Great service, good prices and they were a lot of help in walking me through the process.

- Washington

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Question: How is the 2 motor circuit board grounded? I do not see a ground wire or terminal on the board.....thanks
CVO's Answer:
Correct, this board is not grounded and not required to be grounded under its regulatory procedure.
Compatible With Filtex TS300L?
Question: I wanted to order the two motor circuit board Part # P-CB2MTR. for my Filtex TS300L unit. Your documentation states this board will not work with all central vacuums...can you tell me if your circuit board will work with my unit....thanks
CVO's Answer:
Our circuit boards are not brand specific and may require modifications to the unit (such as drilling an additional hole) for proper mounting. The electronics on the board itself are the same (relay, transformer, mini breaker).
Question: I received the 110v Dual Motor controller and find that the instructions here on the website are not correct for this board. The PCB does not have the labels (LINE, MOTOR, etc.) as listed in the instructions. It has labels like P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6. Can you please send me the appropriate instructions? Perhaps you could update the instructions on the web while you're at it. Thanks, Craig Broadbooks
CVO's Answer:

Hello Craig, I will email you directly with the proper wiring diagram. Could you please respond to that email with the link to the incorrect picture on our site, I am unable to find it and would like to send this update to our web department. Thank you!

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