Adapter for 3-Prong Cords

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Adapter for 3-prong cords

This adapter is for used for older 3-prong brush cords to make them compatible with the new 2 hole hoses.

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(5/5 Stars)

August 19, 2023

It worked for us. It was a better option than buying a new wand and powerhead.

- Wisconsin

(5/5 Stars)

May 25, 2023

This adapter saved me $600.00. I needed to replace my central vacuum hose but was told that my beam hose was no longer available and I needed to purchase a completely new kit to include the sweeper since the new hose attachment would not fit my current sweeper. I looked online and found this adapter which was never mentioned to me that it was available. That's how I saved $600.00. THANK YOU FOR THIS PRODUCT! Since then I have purchased the vacuum hose from you. You will be getting my business going forward.

- Texas

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Replacement 3-Prong Cord?
Question: I need the cord on the wand that matches with the 3 pron g adaptor
CVO's Answer:
Three prong cords are obsolete. If you can use a generic two prong cord and hopefully accomplish the same thing. The third prong on yours does not conduct any electricity or anything so the two prongs on a new cord will work for power. The only real issue then is how it fits into the holder on top of the wands.
Overall Length?
Question: This looks like it may be what I need. I had an adapter that went between my Beam hose and the wand for the power head, but I have lost it. Now when I plug hose into wand, there is a gap of 1.25 to 1.50 inches between the male amp female electrical contacts. What is the overall length of this unit, not including the male electrical pins?
CVO's Answer:
The overall length is 1.38 inches (not including male pins).

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