Help & Products for Your Central Vacuum:

Compatible Installation Parts for Your Central Vacuum:
PVC Connector - 90 Degree Elbow
Part # P-PVC1

In Stock
PVC Connector - 90 Degree Sweep
Part # P-PVC2

In Stock
PVC Connector - 45 Degree
Part # P-PVC3

In Stock
PVC Connector - Coupling
Part # P-PVC4

In Stock
PVC Connector - 90 Degree 3-Way
Part # P-PVC5

In Stock
PVC Connector - 45, 3-Way, WYE
Part # P-PVC6

In Stock
PVC 3-in-1 Mounting Bracket
Part # P-PVC7

In Stock
Flexible Pipe (per foot)
Part # P-FLEXP

In Stock
4 Feet of Central Vacuum PVC Pipe (2 pieces)
Part # P-PIPE04

In Stock
40 Feet of Central Vacuum PVC Pipe (10 pieces)
Part # P-PIPE40

In Stock

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