Help & Products for Hayden Central Vacuum:

Compatible Electric Kits for Hayden Central Vacuum:
Villa Elite Electric Kits
Part # K-VIL

$425.95 - $435.95
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Response Electric Kits

$449.95 - $515.95
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Hide-A-Hose CX1000 Rechargeable Kit
Part # K-CX1000

$509.24 - $524.99
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Why Choose an Electric Kit?

Your home will thank you when you upgrade to an electric kit! Owning an electric kit will allow you to clean better than ever. Having an electric motor in your carpet brush will not only increase suction, but it will also improve consistency when grooming your carpet with the electric floor brush. This will greatly reduce in allergens, creating a healthier living environment. These systems will be quieter than your standard air-driven turbine brushes and will break less belts, too. The electricity will be supplied either through a direct connection on your hose, or a pigtail cord to plug into a nearby electrical outlet.

Is It Compatible?

Absolutely! All of the electric kits we sell will work with 99% of central vacuum systems. If your wall inlets do not have the two prong direct connection, then purchase a kit with a pigtail to ensure compatibility. You will be pleased with the cleaning power you will obtain with one of our electric kits.

Direct Connect Hose
Pigtail Hose (corded)