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Replacement Handle for Electric Central Vacuum Hose

Replaces the handle and short metal tube on hoses with a gas pump handle design. Does not include switch or wires.

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April 07, 2024

Replaced central vac hose handle...Ordering was simple. Confirmation clear. tracking updated quickly and clearly. Received in good condition and fixed the problem perfectly. Will definitely use again.

- Minnesota

(5/5 Stars)

March 29, 2024

Dear Miss or Sir

I purchased all of the components for a central vacuum system in perhaps 2006 from a online store in Florida. I later moved to a new home and purchased more wall sockets and the connectors to use 2" PVC pipe.

Many months ago the handle on the hose broke and duct tape was used.

My recent purchase of the new style handle is great.



- Nevada

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CV1801 Hose Handle Replacement
Question: I have model # CV1801G will this fit my hose?
CVO's Answer:
Your vacuum system used a variety of hoses and new owners may have used yet another style. Please send us a photo so we can help you find the correct part or supplier. Thank you.
Electric Parts Sold Separate
Question: Hi, Does this handle come with the black 2-pin adapter that is wired to the switch? If not, do you have that part and do you sell it seperately? Thanks, Anne
CVO's Answer:

The electric parts are sold separately from the handle. All the electric parts that fit into the handle are sold in a single wire/switch assembly. However, if you have a Hayden vacuum hose the electrical parts are sold separately. You can find hose handles and parts here.

Will This Hose Handle Work?
Question: I have a cv450, will this handle work?
CVO's Answer:

If your hose is a gas-pump style handle with a three way switch and manufactured by Plastiflex, this handle will work for you. To determine if your hose is manufactured by Plastiflex, please verify if there is the letter P branded within a circle on the wall end cuff of your hose.

Replacement Handle Compatibility
Question: Hi, will this work with electrolux model # 1590 central vac?? Thank you.
CVO's Answer:

If your hose is a gas-pump style handle and bears the letter P branded within a circle on the wall end of your hose, this will be compatible. Please note that this handle does not come with any internal wiring or switch.

Compatible with Hose?
Question: Will this replace a Stealth handle?
CVO's Answer:

As long as your hose handle is gas-pump style and the wall end of your hose has the letter P branded within a circle, this part will be compatible.

Replacement Switch Assembly For Gas Pump Handle
Question: I have the handle as described. The switch has failed. Can I purchase only a switch, basically all the wiring in the handle?
CVO's Answer:

Yes, you can purchase the switch assemble for this handle. Please click on the following link to purchase this item on our site: Switch Assembly For Gas Pump Handle. If you prefer to place this order over the phone, please call us at 1-800-971-7172 and our Customer Service Team will be happy to be of assistance.

Question: I need a replacement handle. I have a beam hose with gas pump type handle with swivel hose. However, the electrical plug is a square shaped male plug that engages a female connector on the wand. I have only seen this arrangement on non-swivel type replacement handles. Can you help? I would be happy to send a picture.
CVO's Answer:

Hello and thank you for contacting Central Vacuum Online my name is Ally and I am happy to assist you today.

Yes, please send a picture of your current hose handle to help us better determine compatibility. Thank you. 

Question: I have a cord with model A.B.27 3.5 AMP has a p with a circle around it. Handle HD130GPR02 was a little short to meet with the hose. is there and adaptor or a different handle?
CVO's Answer:

Hello and thank you for contacting Central Vacuum Online my name is Ally and I am happy to assist you today.

Please reply to this email with a picture of the current hose handle and the replacement side by side for better comparison. Thank you!

Question: Will this replacement handle work for Hayden Superhose III (gas pump style)?
CVO's Answer:
Question: Will this fit on to CT600 Electric Power Brush wand?
CVO's Answer:
Question: I have a nutone hose. Will this handle work on it? If not do you have any that would?
CVO's Answer:
Question: I have a HMC HA 4P4W35 hose and the handle has broken. Is this compatible? It looks like it.
CVO's Answer:
Question: Hello, I#039m trying to replace a broken Hide-A-Hose Ready handle (No-RF No power at all). I#039d like a Gas Pump style handle which seems sturdier. Will this one work? if not is there one that will? I realize that I will need nipple extending from the back of the handle to attach to the hose. I it looks like I could use parts from my old handle for that.
CVO's Answer:
Question: need replacement handle for air vac ZX 6000 hose. Thanks
CVO's Answer:
Question: Will this handle fit a hose for a vacuum model ZX6000?
CVO's Answer:
Question: Will the replacement handle part# P-GHREP fit the hose on my vacuum model ZX6000?
CVO's Answer:

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