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  • Kenmore 116.4033080
  • Kenmore 116.40400
  • Kenmore 116.4043080
  • Kenmore 116.4043180
  • Kenmore 116.4043280
  • Kenmore 116.40510
  • Kenmore 116.4052090
  • Kenmore 116.40521
  • Kenmore 116.4052190
  • Kenmore 116.4052291
  • Kenmore 116.40523
  • Kenmore 116.40524
  • Kenmore 116.40530
  • Kenmore 116.40531
  • Kenmore 116.4053180
  • Kenmore 116.4053280
  • Kenmore 116.4053380
  • Kenmore 116.4053480
  • Kenmore 116.4053481
  • Kenmore 116.4053482
  • Kenmore 116.40540
  • Kenmore 116.40590
  • Kenmore 116500
  • Kenmore 116501
  • Kenmore 116504
  • Kenmore 732090
  • Kenmore 732171
Kenmore for Quality Cleaning

Kenmore is known to manufacture multiple appliances including but not limited to dishwashers, washing machines, stoves, and central vacuum systems. In fact, its vacuum systems are versatile and offer effective cleaning power. Some parts for the Kenmore central vacuum system may be hard to come by though. While you may find a few accessories for Kenmore and toolkits for Kenmore at a regular store, Central Vacuum Online has much more to choose from. On top of that, it carries bigger and more crucial parts for the Kenmore Vacuum system such as the motor for Kenmore and circuit board for Kenmore.

Central Vacuum Online – A Trusted Name

We guarantee competitive prices, and you can take our word for it. Our parts are tried and tested and put through rigorous testing conditions to ensure the highest level of quality. That’s why we have been leaders in central vacuum system accessories for years. But don’t take our word for it, feel free to browse through all the praise our customers from across the nation have given us.

Contact Us for Help

So the next time you’re having trouble with your Kenmore central vacuum system, don’t hesitate to give us a call because our customer service reps will help you wherever they can. We know it can be difficult to figure out which part to get for your central vacuum machine due to the sheer variety of parts available out there. But since this is our specialization, we will make sure that you receive the correct part you need, and at the best possible price.

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Note: Kenmore is a registered trademark of Sears, not Central Vacuum Online. Products sold by Central Vacuum Online are not from Kenmore but are designed to complement a Kenmore central vacuum system. They therefore carry warranties from Central Vacuum Online and not Kenmore and thus may alter the warranty provided by Kenmore.