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Attention Kenmore Owners!

Do you have an older model Kenmore central vacuum system with the 1-5/8" hole? Use this adapter to go from 1-5/8" to the standard 1-1/4" diameter. Adapter for older Kenmore Central Vacuums

We recommend upgrading the basic hose to an electric hose with pig tail if your house has a lot of carpeted flooring, as this will allow for compatibility with electric power heads to ultimately provide better carpet cleaning.

We recommend upgrading to a low voltage hose if your house has a lot of hardwood floors, this will allow you to turn the vacuum on and off with the flip of a switch from the handle. This will save power, and make a better cleaning experience.

If you have any questions regarding your hose, or are curious at the advantages of each hose, please check out our Hose Help Center or give us a call at 1-800-971-7172.