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Out With the Old, In With the New

Carrying a vacuum around the house, and worst, up and down the stairs is quite inconvenient. Most of us have experienced it at one point or another in life. While we haul the vacuum from room to room, we still don't necessarily get that "clean" feeling we should get after putting so much hard work into vacuuming the floor. So what is it that can relieve us of all this overexertion and feeling of un-cleanliness even after vacuuming? The answer to this is a centralized system like the M&S central vacuum system that comes with M&S accessories, however, you may need to replace its parts from time to time.

Get Reliable Parts

We at Central Vacuum Online carry various parts such as hoses, wall inlets, and more, that fit this system. Our parts are made to ensure reliability and durability. So you can rest assured that the accessories will last for a while and let you use the vacuum to its full potential. After all, what good is a vacuum system without the vital accessories that make it work properly?

Rely on Us for Quality

While we don't sell the actual central vacuum system, our parts go a long way. You can also find a motor for M&S, toolkits for M&S, and filters for M&S on our online store. Contact us at Central Vacuum Online to see how we can benefit you because we carry central vacuum system parts for tens of hundreds of famous brands.

Note: M & S is a registered trademark of Linear, not Central Vacuum Online. Some products sold by Central Vacuum Online are not from M & S but are designed to complement a M & S central vacuum system. They therefore carry warranties from Central Vacuum Online and not M & S and thus may alter the warranty provided by M & S depending on the product sold.