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Renowned Brand in Vacuums

Modern Day is a popular brand in the world of central vacuum systems. The company is known to manufacture highly innovative and cutting-edge appliances to make life easier. And it has certainly done that with the Modern Day central vacuum system. While this system does not require any major upkeep or maintenance, you may face problems with it down the road, just like you would with any brand. Using an appliance for years on end will obviously take its toll on it. You will then have to buy various parts or accessories for it that have broken down or malfunctioned.

Parts Replacement at Central Vacuum Online

An important replacement part is the motor. It is not difficult to find the right one, we carry lasting motors for Modern Day vacuum. These durable motors will last you even through the most testing times and conditions. While you're purchasing the motor for Modern Day, don't forget to get a few other important components. Firstly, you'll have to get the motor gasket, because chances are that the old one is worn out. So it's best to discard it with the non-functional motor. Besides that, we also recommend that you buy motor brushes to have on hand to service the motor down the road.

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Optimum Performance

These changes along with regular hyperflow bag changes, will improve your vacuum system's efficiency, leaving you with a high-performance machine that keeps your place clean. Feel free to browse through our online store and check out the wide range of parts and accessories we carry for all central vacuum brands. These parts include hoses, wall inlets, wands, and much more.