Electric Central Vacuum Hose

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The Electric Central Vacuum Hose - Push Your System to it's Fullest

A true value--Our dual voltage electric central vacuum hose for most central vacuum systems. This very popular hose features:

  • Compatible with all central vacuum systems with 1-1/2" diameter wall inlet plates.
  • High quality, durable, and lightweight hose
  • 27% more air flow than older hoses
  • Increased suction when paired with an electric power brush
  • 2-year warranty
  • Turn the power nozzle on with the flip of a switch
  • Convert your basic central vacuum system to a more powerful, electric system with the corded electric hose option.

Corded or Direct Connect?

Please see the photos below to determine whether your system needs direct connection or a hose with a cord.

Direct Connect HosePigtail Hose (corded)

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Need Help Determining your Hose?

VACUFLO OWNERS: Hose does not work with 4940 style valves. Hose does not have the correct metal connection pins for the wall inlet. We have options for upgrading inlet valves in order to use industry standard hoses and electric power nozzles for a better clean. Please give us a call for more information.

Top Customer Reviews

(5/5 Stars)

April 28, 2024

The hose is nice and stiff and wasn't bent or creased at the handle.

- California

(5/5 Stars)

April 20, 2024

The hose is made very well much nicer than the one I had. Is working well.

- West Virginia

Ask a Question

Full Swivel at Handle?
Question: Can you tell me if the hose swivels around the handle? I am interested in the Beam 35 foot pig tail hose. Thank you
CVO's Answer:
Yes, the hose has a full swivel where the handle meets the hose. Thank you for asking.
Does This Hose Replace My Nutone CH520 Hose?
CVO's Answer:
Yes, our Electric Central Vacuum Hose is a great replacement for your Nutone CH520.
Electrolux Power Head PH360
Question: Hello Does this hose work with the Electrolux powered head unit model #ph360? Is the hose crush proof style? Thanks
CVO's Answer:

The best way to ensure the hose will be compatible, is to ask you to send in photos of your current power head with a good view of how the power head connects to your extension wands and the top view of the extension wand as it would fit with a hose handle. This type of hose is the crush proof style.

Question: my dog ate my central vacuum hose...so I need a replacement. we bought the house with it so I'm unfamiliar with the parts. it does have a cord attached and from the parts left I see something on the part that goes into the wall that says quotseries x yquot and model CCE FCE 27CE. from the pictures this looks like the type of hose I need but just want to make sure before ordering. I have all sorts of attachments for it so I want to make sure it is correct. thank you.
CVO's Answer:

Hello, thank you for reaching out to us with your question.

In order to confirm the compatibility of our hose, please reply to this email with a photo of the old hose handle, wall end of the hose, as well as the carpet brush that will be used with it. As the connections can vary from hose to hose, the photos will allow us to confirm the compatibility of the hose we carry.

Question: Will this hose work with a NuTone model CV-450W? Do you have the replacement bags Model 391? The prongs that plug into the wall on the direct connect are bent and won't work any more. Thank you, Nancee
CVO's Answer:

Hello and thank you for contacting Central Vacuum Online my name is Ally and I am happy to assist you today.

It is likely this hose will work for you but unfortunately, the unit model # in the garage/basement will not help us determine compatibility.  In order to find you the proper hose, we will need to know what it is plugging into on both ends. Both at the wall end- please measure the diameter of the inlet valve opening (standard is 1.5") as well as the tool end- please describe the tools/wands (electric) you will be using with the new hose.

You can search 391 on our site to bring you to the proper bag for your system.  Let us know if you have any questions. 


Question: Is the CH515 hose compatible with ct600 power brush?
CVO's Answer:
Question: How much does this hose weigh?
CVO's Answer:

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