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  • Pullman Model BIV96
  • Pullman Model BIV99
  • Pullman Model BIV102
  • Pullman Model BIV105
  • Pullman Model BIV109
  • Pullman Model BIV205
  • & more!
Our Guaranteed Parts

Our parts are manufactured to the highest standards and are guaranteed to work with their respective central vacuum system. While it may be difficult for a layman to figure out which model number to get parts for, our experts are available on the phone during business hours. These professionals will first help you figure out what model machine you have. Then only will they go on assist you with what part you need for the machine. While Central Vacuum Online experts are not repair specialists, we have mastered the field of manufacturing parts for different central vacuum systems, including Pullman.

Accessorize Your Vacuum

Even if your vacuum is working fine and you simply need to accessorize it to enhance your cleaning experience, we have all the parts you need. From wall cleaning brushes to ceiling cleaners, and from long hoses to short hoses, we have it all. Best of all, all orders over $70 are shipped free. So contact us today if you need any parts for your central vacuum.

Note: Pullman is a registered trademark of Pullman, not Central Vacuum Online. Products sold by Central Vacuum Online are not from Pullman but are designed to complement a Pullman central vacuum system. They therefore carry warranties from Central Vacuum Online and not Pullman and thus may alter the warranty provided by Pullman.