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  • Smart Model 491
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5 Times More Powerful than Regular Vacuums

The Smart central vacuum can be up to 5 times more powerful than upright vacuums. It works efficiently by removing debris and dirt from your home, and can be installed in a new or existing home. The best part is that it doesn’t create much of a mess during installation because it is designed to easily fit in places such as your garage or basement. While this vacuum comes with a standard hose, wand, the main unit, and attachments to go on the wand, you may need more parts for Smart central vacuum in case you want to customize your cleaning experience.

The Right Tools

Central Vacuum Online provides you a number of accessories for Smart central vacuum and many other brands. Our reliable and durable parts are made to last. You can modify your vacuuming experience by purchasing longer hoses, or get different length wands. We have accessories for Smart vacuum that will help you clean some of the hardest places to reach in your home. Whether it’s that awkward corner behind the sofa or under your low bed, Central Vacuum Online sells parts that will help make the impossible possible.

Good Quality at an Affordable Price

While looking out for your cleaning needs, we make sure that you don’t break your bank when purchasing our products. With some good prices online, you can rest assured that you’ll buy high-quality parts here for your central vacuum. You can either email us or call us to find out what part you need, and how much it will cost. We will ship items that cost over $70 for free. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of this great opportunity.

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Note: Smart is a registered trademark of Smart, not Central Vacuum Online. Some products sold by Central Vacuum Online are not from Smart but are designed to complement a Smart central vacuum system. They therefore carry warranties from Central Vacuum Online and not Smart and thus may alter the warranty provided by Smart depending on the product sold.