Premiere Low Voltage Hose - Black

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This premiere low voltage hose for central vacuums fits into inlets with 1-1/2" diameter and features a 'gas pump' style handle. Improve your central vacuum system with this great hose!

The Premiere Low Voltage Hose features:

  • 27% more air flow than older hoses
  • Lightweight, crushproof hose
  • 360-degree swivel on gas pump handle for easier cleaning movement
  • Sleek, modern design - comes black in color!
  • Hose has a polished finish to prevent damage to furniture and floors

Low Voltage? What's That?

Low voltage hoses give you the ability to turn your central vacuum system on right at the handle of your hose! See below.

Premiere Low Voltage hose with on/off switch conveniently at the handle

This hose is an exact replacement for the Turbogrip and Standard Low Voltage hose.

Note: This hose is an exact replacement for the Turbogrip and is only a fraction of the cost!

Need Help Determining your Hose?
Our hoses are compatible with these standard inlets and many, many more!

VACUFLO OWNERS: Hose does not work with 4940 style valves. Hose does not have two metal connection pins for wall inlet. We have options for upgrading inlet valves in order to use industry standard hoses and electric power nozzles for a better clean. Please give us a call for more information.

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Compatible with All Systems?
Question: Will this hose work with a Beam system? Is it a friction fit for the extensions?
CVO's Answer:
Yes, this is compatible with all Beam wall inlets and systems. If you have a carpet power head that has an electrical cord then this hose will not work with that power head but will work with the other wands and attachments. This hose doesn't have electricity to power an electric power head. The end of this hose is friction fit. If your prior hose was button lock then you need to purchase a new friction wand or buy the other Low Voltage Hose that has button lock. For the Electric Hose go here For the button lock low voltage hose go here For the friction fit wand go here
Compatible with Button Lock Wands?
Question: Is this hose compatible with the button lock Hayden systems ? Thank you for your attention
CVO's Answer:

The Premiere Low Voltage Hose- Black will fit into a standard 1.5 diameter inlet with 2 metal contact points. The handle end of the hose is friction fit and mates up with a 1.25 diameter wand. However, if you do need a button lock style Premiere Low Voltage Hose, please give us a call to place the order over the phone.

CVO's Answer:

Hello and thank you for contacting Central Vacuum Online my name is Ally and I am happy to assist you today.

In order to find you the proper hose, we will need to know what it is plugging into on both ends. Both at the wall end- please measure the diameter of the inlet valve opening (standard is 1.5") as well as the tool end- please describe the tools/wands (air driven or electric) you will be using with the new hose.

Unfortunately, the model # of the unit in the garage/basement does not help us determine what type of hose you are needing.

Question: We have a Nu Tone (I believe) central vac system. In wall inlet is 1.5 inches, and the hose end attachments are one and a quarter inch. It is low voltage to the handle with on off switch. We have an air driven carpet head. We need low voltage replacement hoses and maybe a couple of other attachments. Nonetheless, we do not want those hoses that are all curled up. We want the long hose that is not curled up. I also like the lock button. My wife likes the friction fit. We could use one of each, one for downstairs, one for upstairs. Probably would like a 40 or 50 foot and a 35 foot. Which ones should we buy?
CVO's Answer:
Question: Will this work on the older shopvac premier style? Part # 8797-00-90
CVO's Answer:

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