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  • Vacuflo Model FC1550
  • Vacuflo Model Maxum
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  • Vacuflo Max-Air
  • Royal Model CS400
  • Royal Model CS620
  • Royal Model CS820
  • Royal Model CS1200
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Living with the Enemy

We share our homes with microbes and infectious bacteria on a daily basis. Sine we are constantly in and out of the house, we may bring back all sorts of contaminants and irritants via our shoes. And if you have children, then the chances of contaminants entering your home are doubled. This is because children are often at high risk areas such as daycare centers, which are often considered breeding grounds for common infections since other children bring them in. So while your child may have left the house all clean, he or she may come back with something harmful that can affect them and your whole family.

A Trusted Name in Central Vacuum Systems

This is why cleaning the house is an important aspect of staying healthy. If our floors and carpets are regularly cleaned, we considerably minimize the risk of falling sick. Having a central vacuum system like Vacuflo can be of great help because it claims to be 5 times more powerful than a regular handheld vacuum. Manufactured since 1948, Vacuflo vacuums have been at the forefront of keeping homes clean. They also come with a comprehensive Lifetime Limited Warranty that puts consumers at ease.

Central Vacuum Online to the Rescue

So if you still think that owning a conventional, handheld vacuum does a better job than a centralized system, think again. Various tests have proved that not only are central vacuum units more convenient, but they also manage to pick up more dirt and other elements off the floor due to their increased power. With various parts for Vacuflo including wall inlets, hoses, tool kits, and other accessories, Central Vacuum Online is a one-stop-shop for all your central vacuum needs. Call us to find out how we can help.

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Note: Vacuflo is a registered trademark of H-P Products, not Central Vacuum Online. Products sold by Central Vacuum Online are not from Vacuflo but are designed to complement a Vacuflo central vacuum system. They therefore carry warranties from Central Vacuum Online and not Vacuflo and thus may alter the warranty provided by Vacuflo.