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  • Vacumaid Model H-1
  • Vacumaid Model H-7
  • Vacumaid Model P-10
  • Vacumaid Model P-60
  • Vacumaid Model P-80
  • Vacumaid Model P-90
  • Vacumaid Model P-100
  • Vacumaid Model P-110
  • Vacumaid Model P-118
  • Vacumaid Model P-120
  • Vacumaid Model P-125
  • Vacumaid Model P-125-P
  • Vacumaid Model P-128
  • Vacumaid Model P-215
  • Vacumaid Model P-225
  • Vacumaid Model P-280
  • Vacumaid Model P-325
  • Vacumaid Model P-350
  • Vacumaid Model P350P
  • Vacumaid Model PX-120
  • Vacumaid Model S1200
  • Vacumaid Model S1600
  • Vacumaid Model S2000
  • Vacumaid Model S2200
  • Vacumaid Model S2600
  • Vacumaid Model S3240
  • Vacumaid Model SR-36
Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

According to an old saying, “cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Your home’s cleanliness affects the way you live, think, and most importantly, feel. A dirty home can give rise to various health issues, and can even discourage you from staying indoors for too long. So it all begins with taking the first step and making the effort to clean your humble abode so that you don’t only feel better, but your family is safe from ailments when at home.

Built for Cleanliness

VacuMaid offers homeowners relief in the form of powerful central vacuum systems. The VacuMaid central vacuum system has durable construction, sturdy motors, and unsurpassed filtration. This saves you from having to vacuum the same spot repeatedly because the vacuum will pick up any dust or other particles in the first go. VacuMaid’s more popular systems are known for their cyclonic action that separates fine particles and vents them outside. All the material picked up by the vacuum is then stored in a corrosion-resistant steel canister that is supposed to last a lifetime.

Central Vacuum Online for Parts and Accessories

While this central vacuum system comes with a wide range of benefits, it may need upkeep from time to time. After all, any sort of electronic equipment is prone to breakdown at some point. This is why at Central Vacuum Online, we carry most of the parts and accessories you may need for the VacuMaid system. Starting from hoses for VacuMaid to motors for VacuMaid, we carry VacuMaid accessories including wall inlets and tool kits. This ensures that your home stays clean and free from any harmful elements that make their way to your flooring. Feel free to call or email us for further information and we’ll be glad to assist you.

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Note: Vacumaid is a registered trademark of Lindsay Mfg. Inc., not Central Vacuum Online. Products sold by Central Vacuum Online are not from Vacumaid but are designed to complement a Vacumaid central vacuum system. They therefore carry warranties from Central Vacuum Online and not Vacu-maid and thus may alter the warranty provided by Lindsay Mfg. Inc.