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A Legacy of Effective Appliances

A name that seldom needs an introduction, Whirlpool has been in the home appliance industry for several decades. Not too long ago it introduced its central vacuum systems, which offer a great cleaning experience for homeowners. Known to eliminate the majority of allergens from houses, these central vacuum systems are a convenient way of keeping everyone healthy in the home and most importantly, require little effort to use. The strong motor and effective parts do all the cleaning for you, while you simply hold the vacuum and run around on the floor.

Works Well on All Flooring

The Whirlpool central vacuum system is effective on both carpeted floors and bare floors. With the various types of accessories it comes with and those that can be purchased additionally, there is no flooring or area this vacuum can't clean. For those who are looking to improve their vacuuming experience, Central Vacuum Online stores a wide range of accessories and parts for the Whirlpool central vacuum. These parts are all manufactured to the highest standard of quality. While these parts are not manufactured by Whirlpool itself, they are made to fit Whirlpool central vacuums.

We Carry Durable Parts For Whirlpool

Our online store provides affordable parts and accessories for Whirlpool central vacuum. Best of all, any of these parts can be purchased within a few clicks. We carry motors for Whirlpool, hoses for Whirlpool, toolkits for Whirlpool, and several other accessories for Whirlpool. So you can customize your cleaning experience just the way you want. All you need to do is order the right accessories, and you'll be on your way to a cleaner home in no time.