SuperValve Square Inlet Cover Kit

For Whirlpool

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SuperValve Square Inlet Cover Kit

This inlet kit will control both high and low voltage wires.
This inlet has two holes for the hose to plug into. This is also known as "direct connect".
Includes: rough-in mounting plate with J-box, and your choice of color face plate. Outer dimensions: 3-1/8" by 4-7/8". Manufactured by Hayden.

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Can I buy just the faceplate on a wall inlet?
Question: Is there anywhere I can buy just the face plate? We bought a home that was already plumbed for central vac, so I don't need the J-box, but I can't find anywhere that sells them separately. Is there a reason for this?
CVO's Answer:
Thank you for your question. The reason that you will find most wall inlets bundled as a kit is because the faceplate is about 90% of the cost of the entire kit. It just wouldn't make sense for anyone to carry all of the parts individually just to save a few dollars. Almost all retailers do it this way so we just recommend buying the 'kit' and if you need the additional parts later down the road, you'll have them. Sorry if this inconveniences you in any way.
SuperValve Door
Question: I am interested in the Brown SuperValue Square Inlet Cover kit. Are they plastic? Do they lock or snap closed? Mine inlet covers no longer close!
CVO's Answer:

They are made from plastic and the spring on the inlet valve flap keeps the door closed. There is no locking or snapping mechanism.

Question: My current part says Model 1750 -- and your replacement part seems right, as the dimensions match and visually it looks right, but can you please confirm, as I don't see a model number in the description. Thanks
CVO's Answer:

The SuperValve Square Inlet options on our site are the direct replacements for the 1750 inlets you currently own.

Question: I am looking for the superValve square inlet cover as pictured but in brown (preferably) or black (if brown is not available).
CVO's Answer:

Hello and thank you for contacting Central Vacuum Online. Unfortunately, the brown SuperValve was discontinued by the manufacturer and we no longer have any remaining stock. That valve is now available in the Almond or White only.

Regards, Ally

Question: The house we bought has a Beam model 775 Classic system installed which I'm told is no longer available. We are trying to replace the hose and wandhead but not compatible with wall inlets. Will these work with the new hardware?
CVO's Answer:

Hello and thank you for contacting Central Vacuum Online, my name is Ally and I am happy to assist you today. To better answer your question, I will need to know what type of inlets you have in the house now and what hose was purchased to fit the new inlet valves. Please reply with this information and i will do my best to answer your question. Thank you!

Question: When I removed the face plate from the wall, there is a a gasket of some sort in the wall inlet. When I removed the face plate the fit was very tight. When replacing the new face plate would it be acceptable to put a very small amount of lubricant on that gasket to make it easier to put the new faceplate in. Maybe something like a very small amount of Vaseline or do you have another suggestion to make inserting the new face plate a bit easier?
CVO's Answer:

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