Part # M-5334
The Ametek Lamb 115334 Motor is for central vacuums, industrial vacuums and blowers, and similar applications and replaces all versions of the 115334 motor used in all types of industries spanning many decades. Older model 115334 motors may not be marked properly with the motor number and some may have 11-5334 or just a 5334. We do not recommend rebuilding these types of motors...

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Part # M-MB1
The motor brush should be checked every couple years for wear and tear, then be replaced when down to 3/16". This carbon brush fits into Lamb Ametek Vacuum Motors: 115330, 115334, 115684, 115837, 115937, 115950, 115962, 116103, 116119, 116136, 116137, 116139, 116161. Price is for single...

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